Focus | What if we could pull it all together?

Do you feel it? Do you feel the frantic pace of life in The Bahamas?

Even before Hurricane Dorian, did you not sense the entropy that is living in this paradise of ours?

So much talk. So much writing. So much reporting. So many events. So many ceremonies. So many announcements. So many activities. So many everything by the parts but so little impact it seems by the whole. What if we could pull it all together to produce and feel like a more ordered society?

Something is happening to us. We are so busy; so very busy.

But what we are doing feels more hustle than helpful. It feels so often like we are running in place.

What are we achieving actually? What progress are we making?

Maybe we are making progress but the frenzy seems distracting; keeping us from taking stock of how far we have come. We are going from one thing to the next to the next. Then comes the unplanned-for storm, adding disaster to our frenzy.

The beauty of our islands is unquestionable. We are blessed beyond measure to be able to live in a climate and environment like ours.

Yes, the cyclical routine of hurricanes is a fright but still, we have lived in these isles in peace and prosperity for many more years than otherwise.

Paradise notwithstanding, today, something about our existence seems mildly hellish. We are uncomfortable. We are harried. We are anxious. We are isolated. We are at best resigned, and at worse hapless. We seem rudderless.

What are we working for? What are working on? What are we trying to achieve? What is the big picture? Where is the glorious destination? Why do we rise in the morning? When do we feel the better?

Yes, we have moments of pleasure but they are almost like a drink to drown our sorrows rather than a celebration to mark our joys. In seven days we experience one or two of pleasure versus five or six of pain. Hours and hours of drudgery for a few minutes of delight.

What if we could pull it all together? What if we found a collective dream to chase? What if we could coordinate much of our sundry activities to lend to our national progress? What if we embraced each other, diversity and all, to make the load of our national effort lighter? What if we could agree on what we agree on and then work on those, rather than fight so much about what we disagree on?

Someone or someone(s) must step up to pull us together.

This frantic pace is unsustainable; it is unhealthy.

Government, private sector, university, church, somebody — anybody must pull us together.

We can continue to busy ourselves, but if we do so without harmony, we do so without effect.

We must shed the costume that clothes our ego in nobility, and find the honest impulse to concede the weaknesses that prevent us from asking for help or demanding that we come together.

So much talk. So much writing. So much consulting. So much reporting. So many events. So many ceremonies. So many announcements. So many sales. So many activities. So many happenings.

So many everything by the parts, but it often seems like so little impact on the whole.

What if we could pull all these sundry ventures together to produce an effect that made us all feel like occupants in a more ordered society?


• Zhivargo Laing is a Bahami- an economic consultant and former Cabinet minister who represented the Marco City constituency in the House of Assembly.

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