Footprints blog allowing people to ‘share their truths’

Telling one’s story is not always an easy task, but there are people out there who might be walking the same journey as you.

Three phenomenal women, all from different walks of life, came together to share their truths.

One was physically and mentally abused, one suffered tragic loss and the other struggles with insecurities. 

They describe themselves as, “Everyday women fighting through the daily mess of life”. 

In late December 2018, Earlene Cartwright, Claudine Cartwright and Yasmine Miller agreed that they were finally ready to tell their life stories which mirrored one another in some way.

The trio knew they were not the only ones going through life’s journey and had the innate ability to relate to others. It began with one conversation that blossomed into a blogging group named, “Footprints Journey”.

Their goal is to inspire men and women to share their stories through collaborative writing. The inspirational platform invites guest writers to use their talent to influence people to overcome their life’s challenges and grow through the pain.

Founder, Editor and Lead Writer, Earlene Cartwright, is a project manager, actress and mother of three. She has battled physical and sexual abuse and recovered from it and wants to use her truths to help others who have been in similar situations.

“It’s really about those life-changing moments about your journey,” said the creative and avid traveler.

“It’s either speaking about the healing process or process of going through it.” 

She added, “It’s about the defining moments in your life and how you moved forward in life and how you moved forward from those things that broke you.

“This is about sharing our stories in the hopes of helping other people who have been faced with similar circumstances.”

Co-Founder and Lead Writer, Claudine Cartwright added, “My passion for people and their well-being, along with my love for God, has given birth to the desire to share my story in hopes of helping others.”

Miller, managing member and lead writer, said she has experienced toxic, unhealthy relationships and friendships and believes she is a walking testimony.

One of their goals is to encourage people to come forward with their truths due to the many cases of violence, depression and suicide.

These women are motivated through their commitment to helping individuals who are dealing with life challenges. They believe that every footprint in their journey represents their victories and failures, strengths and weaknesses. Each print reminds them of the chapter before and of their stories of survival and resilience.

With a public platform to reach all demographics, the group has stories that appeal to most people and that can assist in overcoming personal battles.

The group has partnered with local non-profit organizations such as The Bahamas Crisis Centre and FOAM (Families of All Murder Victims) Bahamas, which currently assists people who have suffered from domestic violence, abuse and loss of relatives to murder. The connection with these organizations will provide an avenue of counseling for individuals who seek help.

The Footprints blog is open to all ages and walks of life. The group takes anonymous submissions if there are people who do not want to reveal their identity.

Collectively, the trio said they see life as a journey with all of its twists and turns and ups and downs, but also that they knew that they continued to move forward.

Their life as a journey turned into Footprints.

The blog can be accessed on and Journey with Footprints on Facebook.

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Italia Clarke

Italia Clarke joined the Nassau Guardian in August 2020. Clarke covers national, human interest and social issues. Education: University of The Bahamas, BA in Media Journalism

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