Former GG’s home burglarized while he was asleep

Former Governor General Sir Arthur Foulkes’ home was burglarized while he and his wife were asleep in their room on Wednesday night, Sir Arthur confirmed today.

Sir Arthur said he was not even aware that his West Bay Street home had been broken into until the following morning.

He said police believe the culprit gained entrance through the kitchen window.

“They took a laptop,” Sir Arthur told The Nassau Guardian. “They took a cell phone and some cash… and then they let themselves out through the kitchen door. It was as simple as that.”

Sir Arthur said he was at home with his wife and their housekeeper at the time of the incident.

“We were in bed,” he said. “Our bedroom is upstairs. We have a housekeeper; her bedroom is downstairs. They didn’t attempt to get into any of the bedrooms. They just went into the open spaces and took what they saw.”

It is unclear what time the burglary happened or how many people entered Sir Arthur’s home. The incident was not included in the daily crime report.

Although no one was hurt, Sir Arthur said the ordeal has left his family shaken.

“It’s not a good experience,” he added. “You feel shaken to know that while you were sleeping there was an intruder in your house. That’s not a very pleasant feeling. My wife… she was very shaken up by it.”

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