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From concepts to creation

Before there was Make + Take Crafting Studio (M+T), there was Nassau Script Company, according to Leanne Victoria, founder and head creative instructor of the Bahamian pop-up arts and craft salon.

Though the concept of “popping up” may not have been originated from The Bahamas, Bahamian entrepreneurs seemed to have grasped its potential and made it their own with pop-up food and beverage trucks, retail stores and even clothing line drives. This same drive for success, originality and creativity appears to be no different for the Make + Take Crafting Studio crew. But how did it all begin?

From childhood, Victoria says she’d always been the one her friends, family, loved ones and classmates could turn to for the design of important notes and cards or to help them work on elaborate projects that needed artistic skill and guidance to accomplish. She always knew that art and writing were her passions, but it wasn’t until a friend gave her the concept of establishing a crafting studio, where she could marry the two art forms to create something everyone could be a part of, that she realized that she could monetize her talent.

So, in the spring of 2017, she decided to fine tune her art skills and get to work.

“I started offering calligraphy classes through my first business, Nassau Script Company; however, what I found was that people were incredibly overwhelmed by the level of skill they thought they needed to participate. They wanted to share in the experience, but also wanted to be a part of something that was less daunting than a calligraphy class,” Victoria said.

“So, after weeks of brainstorming, Make + Take Crafting Studio was born. Our do-it-yourself (DIY) workshops essentially teach you how to make wooden signs and home décor using stencils. These workshops are led by talented instructors who guide you through each step, and all you need to do is show up! We supply the tools, wine and fun.”

For the most part, Victoria operates M+T as a one-woman band; however, she expressed, “The help I’ve received from friends and followers on social media has been invaluable! Since the introduction of the Make + Take Crafting Studio, I have garnered a few team members who assist with crafting parties.”

According to Victoria, the level of joy that one can experience from participating in an M+T party is unexplainable. Anyone who is capable of holding a paintbrush in hand, with the willingness to learn and try something new, can benefit from the experience of a crafting studio session. It is made simple through the method of the stencil on wood.

After the paint dries, the stencil is peeled back to reveal the masterpieces of the participants. When participants realise what they can accomplish just by applying themselves, regardless of their skill level, their confidence is boosted. And in turn, so is Victoria’s. Not only can they create beautiful works of art, but they can learn how to prep and stain wood for art projects as well.

So, what’s next on the agenda for M+T?

“The ultimate goal is to have a space with such good energy that people remove the idea that they are ‘not artsy’ or ‘not creative’”, mentioned Victoria. “This would mean obtaining a physical location for Make + Take Crafting Studio so we can add bigger and more involved projects. I would like to incorporate the use of small power tools not only to use in our projects but to help people become more confident using them around their homes for their own projects.” 
Follow Make + Take Crafting Studio on Instagram @makeandtakecraftingstudio to find out where and when their next pop-up session would be.

Get in on the magical DIY goodness.

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