Garbage abounds at Potter’s Cay Dock

From overflowing dumpsters to abandoned vehicles and household appliances, garbage is inescapable at Potter’s Cay Dock.

A hub of economic activity on New Providence, many frequent the dock to send goods on boats to the Family Islands. Fishermen, food and produce vendors also operate from various points near the pier.

Yet, derelict boats yesterday lined the dock. Rusty discarded oil barrels and broken pallets crowded spaces between trailers, which appeared to have been sitting on the dock for a long time.

The floor of an electricity control room could not be seen through the office and household waste that was piled on top of it. At the western end of the dock, there was even a car seat perched at the edge of the dock as if it was positioned there for sunset gazing.

A large pile of garbage, debris, empty oil barrels, and numerous derelict and abandoned vehicles line various sections of the Potter’s Cay Dock.

Stephen Johnson, who was trying to put a vehicle on a boat at the dock, said the location is in need of serious cleanup efforts.

“The whole thing is a mess,” he said.

“Personally, I would get two tractors, and I would start from the beginning of the bridge and push everything onto some barges. All of this is a mess. I’d start over fresh.

“Look around, it’s all a mess. You got trailers sitting around here for months. When last they moved? This shouldn’t be like this. It should be a situation where a trailer should come out here, get on a boat or get on a truck and head off the dock.”

A photo of waste on the dock was widely circulated on social media yesterday, where many expressed their frustration with the state of the dock.

“That area, like many others in Nassau, is filthy,” one Facebook user said.

“[It] speaks to the mindset of our people. Nassau is only clean in spots but a dirty island.”

Another user commented, “Potters Cay is a hot mess – no order and filthy.”

Yet another said, “Like everything else in The Bahamas we don’t know how to manage and upkeep anything.”

One person suggested that the dock be closed after hours to prevent people from discarding household waste there.

“They need rules and regulations. I think the dock should be locked after a certain time so that no one have access to it, because not only the boat owners make a mess,” she said.

“There are persons dumping their personal garbage out there, for example, stoves, mattress, etc., and that should not be allowed.”

Officials from the Port Department would not comment on the matter, and Minister of Transport Renward Wells said he would have to visit the site before responding to any questions.

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