GB MP: Stay home

Following news that in Grand Bahama alone, 56 COVID-19 contacts had been identified up to April 2, Minister of State for Grand Bahama Kwasi Thompson yesterday urged residents to stay home.

“In Freeport, we have seen that our numbers also have been increasing,” he said.

“Contact tracing has been going on on a regular basis with our medical professionals, but we emphasize to the public – stay home.

“Unless it is absolutely an emergency, we want you to stay home. We want you to exercise that social distancing. It’s hugely important.”

There are now 49 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the country.

On April 2, there were 24 cases. It is unclear how many contacts have been identified on Grand Bahama since then.

Thompson, who was monitoring the essential workers’ shopping day, said people seem to be taking recent guidelines seriously.

The government earlier this week made it mandatory for people to wear masks when leaving their homes.

“We’ve seen that today, everyone out is wearing masks, abiding by it,” he said.

Thompson said it’s vital that emergency orders, including the current five-day shutdown and 24-hour curfew, are adhered to.

“The emergency orders are in place for a reason,” he said.

“And this is not just a recommendation. This really is a mandate and the mandate is in place for a reason.

“And so, we emphasize to business[es], in particular, businesses that are not exempted, should shut their doors and cease operations.”

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