GB woman hoping to find work in U.S. after storm

Natandra Lewis had just returned to Grand Bahama after giving birth to her baby in the United States when Hurricane Dorian leveled parts of the island.

Following the deadly storm, Lewis relocated to Florida after losing everything except her one-month-old boy.

Lewis, 21, is now looking for temporary employment in the U.S.

However, the Trump administration has said it will not grant temporary protected status to people from The Bahamas displaced by Hurricane Dorian.

The status would allow Bahamians to work and live in the U.S. until it is deemed safe to return to The Bahamas.

Lewis is living in West Palm Beach with an American woman who works with the Red Cross, she said.

She said she’s received a lot of donations for her and her son.

On August 30, she said, she returned to Grand Bahama after delivering her baby in Broward County, Florida.

The following Monday, as Dorian pounded Grand Bahama, Lewis said she saw flood waters rising in her backyard in the Hudson Estates area.

“I told my mother that this water doesn’t look normal,” she said yesterday.

“Our area doesn’t flood.

“She suggested that we go to the attic, but I said we don’t know how far this water is going to rise and my son can’t go up there in the heat.”

She and her parents decided to pack a bag and head for a shelter, but could not open any doors in the home due to the water, she said.

Her father later managed to get out through their kitchen window to ask their neighbors if they were able to stay with them until the storm passed.

On his way, her father was able to flag down an ambulance that broke their kitchen window, enabling Lewis, her baby and her mother to escape.

“When I got outside, the water was at my chest,” Lewis said.

“So, we had to walk through five feet of water…and the rescue guys said the ambulance can’t come directly in front of the house because of the high waters. So, we had to walk to the end of the corner.”

After battling through Dorian’s 185-miles-per-hour winds to get to the ambulance, Lewis and her family were carried to First Baptist Church on John Wentworth Avenue.

After staying with a friend and evacuating to New Providence to stay with her baby’s father, Lewis left for Florida via the Grand Celebration cruise ship.

“Throughout this experience, the main thing was keeping him safe because I just went through a horrific experience [delivering] him. He got vacuumed out of me,” she said.

“My mother always taught me to be strong-willed and to never panic – just try to think of something fast.”

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