Getting greater buy-in for the fight against COVID-19

Dear Editor, 

The government has finally decided to take definitive action to contain the spread of COVID-19.

There are still too many who do not seem to grasp the fact that they have a role to play in helping to prevent its spread.

Many do not seem to understand that it is possible for one to be infected and without symptoms, while having the capacity to spread it.

To this end, I would like to make two suggestions that may help in some way.

Firstly, I believe the government has to utilize the power of nationwide text messages in this and future national emergencies.

There are many I know who have not heard any of the national addresses.

Many are not social media buffs, but with several concise texts a few times daily, the government can get out the message they want the population to have directly to their cell phones.

Messages can be simple and concise to provide information and curtail unnecessary panic while circumventing the misinformation found on social media.

I believe this could go a long way in driving home the essential points persons need to know to do their part while building trust equity with the population.

Secondly, people may not understand anything about viruses, but people do understand that they need money.

If the government can get the message out clearly that if people do not stay at home now, then the potential for the virus to spread remains and the country may have to stay closed to external sources of income for much longer, ultimately affecting future employment opportunities, this is something people may grasp and it might increase compliance with the government’s requests at this time. 

Global crises are not new. The world has survived previous setbacks and if everyone does their part, we will survive this one too!


– JB

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