Gift of life — the greatest present ever received

Dear Editor,

Each awakening morning, life is the reward that breathes in us the greatest miracle possible. The precious divine touch that opens our eyes allowing us another opportunity to make the day unforgettable or to be able to gaze upon loved ones or even to go to work, is beyond our conception.

If we took a moment to look up at the night sky to enjoy the plethora of beautiful starlights or photograph an ocean view on a nice drive, we would all relate to the notion of wonder that only a higher power could have allocated such awesomeness!

The spread of COVID’s wrath has changed the lifestyles of everyone.

There are seven billion-plus people alive worldwide and the common denominator is nature’s smile upon us with an indefatigable generous gift of life.

With no denying this miracle, it is astonishing to witness the adverse proliferation of consistencies in social discourse, the unsurmountable presentation of a chaotic social climate, and above all, the distorted virtues of moral compassing saturated in the midst of a deadly looming virus.

Has the essence of birth been tainted, prompting us to forget the precious blessed feeling of just being alive?

The paradox that gives pause is that the multitudes of complaining tongues about their personal lives or the purposeful agenda of some to demolish those of a different race or creed, could in no way be possible without their own individual divine gift of life.

Shamefully, many utilize their allotted hour-glass grains of sand haphazardly, which diminishes their own potential to embed a positive ray of light into another.

Could the day begin and end as eyes close for the night without the miracle of our hearts beating approximately 86,000 times or breathing 20,160 breaths; without any control of our own?

Imagine complaining without the ability to speak.

The inspiration is to treat life as the most precious jewel with a vigorous desire to appreciate every moment, which is a greater miracle than the one before.

Dr. Dennis Walter Smith Sr., D.C.

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