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Dear Editor,

I read in the newspapers the other day that air arrivals to the country were up 16.5 percent for the year. That’s extraordinary.

We are a tourism economy. If we have that many more people come to our country, 2018 should be a better year for Bahamians.

While we have this bonanza of arrivals we need to focus on delivering good service to these visitors so they come back. Some of these people may be visiting The Bahamas for the first time. If we get it right and show them good Bahamian hospitality, they may keep coming back.

The American economy has been growing, spurred on by the big tax cuts by President Donald Trump. Americans have a lot of money. No one knows how long these good times will last, but while they do we must focus on being our best selves.

As taxi drivers, hotel employees, restaurateurs and servers, we each have the ability to enhance the experience of the people who visit our country and drive our economy. Be courteous, helpful, and welcoming.

There is sun, sand and sea all over the Caribbean. The Bahamas is not special. Our one great advantage is we are the Caribbean country right next to America. We must take advantage of that benefit by being a people who treat their visitors with value and respect.

Tourism is what causes us to be able to get paychecks; to pay our mortgages; for our children to go to school; for us to go on vacation. Without it we’d be a poor, poor people.

Do not take for granted the good times we are having this year when it comes to tourists. A downturn could be right around the corner. Those in the industry, and those who interact with them, should do their best to make all our guests feel special on this lovely chain of islands.

– Darwin R. Luther

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