Go Postal launches lockers for convenient package pickup

Local shipping company Go Postal is poised to make buying and shipping even more convenient for its customers, through the introduction of lockers where customers can access their packages 24 hours per day, according to Go Postal’s Manager of Bahamas Operations Tomonique Butterfield.

With the input of a code and the tell-tale click of the unlocking mechanism, Butterfield showed Guardian Business how easy package pick-up will be for customers who do not have the time to carry out an in-store transaction during operating hours.

The new service will be absolutely free to customers, Butterfield said.

“We decided to bring on the lock boxes because we just wanted to keep updated,” Butterfield said.

“As the world is changing, we want to be to changing as well.”

She explained that the lockers will be an option for customers who after paying for their packages online, will receive a code, with a 24-hour expiration, to retrieve their packages.

“Once you pay for your package you can go and pick it up at a locker at any of our locations,” Butterfield said.

While she would not reveal last week what the other locations will be, outside of the existing lockers at Go Postal’s Palmdale brand, she said they will be revealed on the company’s website within two weeks.

She did say, however, that the lockers will appear outside of convenience stores and gas stations.

“We have a few companies lined off, but we’re not saying exactly who they are for two weeks, until we post it on our website,” she said.

According to Butterfield, the new service will help to streamline Go Postal’s customer-facing operation and add convenience to the customer experience.

“You have some customers who don’t like to interact with anyone and you have some customers who like the human interactions,” she said. “We’re still going to have our four major locations.”

She said all of the packages Go Postal receives are insured by the company. And while she could not say how much the company has invested in the boxes, she said the new feature came with necessary changes to the operation and to the company’s systems.

She said Go Postal hopes to remain number one in next-day shipping and also become number one for convenience.

“We took on the cost so it won’t be a cost on the customer,” Butterfield said.

“It’s a free service just like if you’re using the storefront.”

She said the company continues to look at expanded ways to make the operation more convenient for its customers.

“We are looking at new things,” said Butterfield. “Nothing to say right now, but we’re a young company, young entrepreneurs, we’re always looking for the next new thing.”

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