Saving Grace

God’s word stands firm in good and in bad times

“Do you now believe?” Jesus replied. “A time is coming and in fact has come when you will be scattered, each to your own home. You will leave me all alone. Yet I am not alone, for my Father is with me.

“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” – John 16:31-33

Mankind makes promises. God keeps promises. We humans make promises – but when circumstances are not to our liking, we renege and abandon ship. Only God stands by His promises. Circumstances do not cause Him to change His mind and abandon us.

Jesus’ disciples once made a promise to him. They had promised to die with him, if necessary. Yet, at the crucial moment, when he desperately needed them, they abandoned him.

He reminded them, “… a time is coming, and you will scatter each to his own home.” When Jesus made this statement, the disciples probably were startled. Yet, when the test came, those who should have been there to minister to him abandoned him.

Jesus was aware that his disciples would all leave him in his most desperate moment, yet he was tender with them. He did not accuse or belittle them.

We make promises but, in times of crisis, we make excuses such as our family, or our reputation, or our safety as reasons to withdraw our support. Scripture tells us that humans will disappoint us when we place our trust in them.

Unfortunately, in our contemporary world, our word has no significance. Many Christians make promises to God when their backs are against the wall. However, when things get better, they renege on their promise to God.

Like the disciples, we turn our backs on our savior when we neglect to live up to our commitments. Our family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers make promises to us – however, in times of crisis, they falter.

Consequently, Jesus placed his trust and hopes in God the Father. Our Lord’s hope was in God because he knew that God would not abandon him to the grave.

Even though we must trust the people with whom we live, work and do business, our ultimate trust should be in God. He will never disappoint or leave us. It does not matter what the circumstances, he will be there throughout our moments of crisis and even beyond.

When we trust in God, He gives us peace in Christ Jesus. It is true we will have setbacks and moments of troubles. Notwithstanding this, God will be right there with us.

He gives us the faith and the strength to bear up in our difficult moments. When we trust in God, we will overcome. Yes, we will overcome because Jesus has fought the battle for us.

He died to take away our sins and give us a pathway back to God. In our baptism, we cross from death to life.

God’s word is not like ours which is only a word of convenience. God’s word stands firm in good and in bad times. He is our friend, especially in times of crisis.

Nothing in Heaven nor on Earth will impede God’s promise to us. These words of comfort are also for us here today.

Therefore, let us go forward and share these words with the world. Let all peoples know that Jesus has overcome the world and that in him, we will find peace. Peace and comfort are in God’s promise. Amen.

 • Reverend Samuel M. Boodle, pastor at the Lutheran Church of Nassau, 119 John F. Kennedy Dr can be reached at P.O. Box N 4794, Nassau, Bahamas; or telephone 426-9084; E-mail:; website:

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