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Good news for all and sundry

Then said Jesus unto them, “Do not be not afraid. Go and tell my brethren to go to Galilee, and there they will see me.” – Matthew 28:10

No, I am not pre-empting the season of Lent, but a conversation I had with my friend, the Reverend Kendal Capron recently, gave way to our text for today.

It was after the crucifixion and burial of our Lord Jesus Christ and the end of the Sabbath, as it began to dawn toward the first day of the week, that Mary Magdalene and the other Mary went to look at the tomb. The Good News Bible tells that suddenly, there was a violent earthquake: an angel of the Lord came down from heaven, rolled the stone away, and sat on it.

His appearance was like lightning, and his clothes were white as snow. The guards were so afraid that they trembled and became like dead men. The angel spoke to the women, “You must not be afraid. I know that you are looking for Jesus, who was crucified. He is not here. He has been raised from the dead, just as he said. Come here and see the place where he was lying. Go quickly now, and tell his disciples, he has been raised from the dead, and now he is going to Galilee ahead of you, there you will see him.”

As they hastened to share what was told to them, Jesus also appeared to them and told them the same message that the angel had told to them.

We were at a burial of a female resident of the Good Samaritan Home for The Aged in St. Matthew’s graveyard, of which Rev. Capron is the owner (of the home), and while we were singing “Goodnight my dearest sister, goodnight and take your rest, we love you, but Jesus loves you the best,” Rev. Capron told me a relative of the deceased put a $100 note in his hand as, perhaps, appreciation for the role he played in the burial. He said that he was so happy as he said it came in good time to buy fried chicken for a repast.

But then something strange happened. He said a voice from within told him to give me the $100 and he told the voice “you are not talking to me”. Again, the voice said “give the $100 to Ruby Ann” and again he said “not this, this is to buy chicken.” Then, he said the voice said that the $100 was not given to you but for you to give it to me as the man who gave it to you would not have given it to me. He then gave me the money and told me the story. Wow! Because of his obedience, he has been blessed over and over again.

So, here goes, during this time of Lent – who would think that good news can come from some very strange, obscure, unheard and unthought of places? The two Mary’s went to the cemetery to mourn at the grave, but were in for a shock – mourners becoming ambassadors of good news from the graveyard, not from social media, but from the angel of God direct from the portals of glory. Hallelujah! Go and tell some grieving disciples that Jesus is alive and will convene a meeting in Galilee, and their presence is requested. Women on the move, are you listening?

How many of you are in the graveyards of despair?

Hopelessness has set in and you see no way out. Your finances are depleted. Your health is in shambles. Your love life is on life support. Your faith has gone nomadic. Your families have become your foes. You have forgotten the songs of Zion that you once sang with luster and vigor. All-in-all, you have gone as a song of childhood – here we go looby loo, trying to turn yourselves around.

The good news for all and sundry will not come from signing contracts, borrowing funds here and there, holding seminars and think-tanking, but will come from the abyss of the darkness of situations that appear to be no way out. Do you really believe that the earth is the Lord’s, and the fullness thereof, the world and all they that dwell therein? If so, TIE (take it easy) – and wait on the Lord to give directions from the “graveyard.”

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