Govt planning to mobilize return of displaced Dorian victims

Though it could “take years to build back” the areas devastated by Dorian, the government is working out its plan to help residents displaced by the storm return and rebuild, according to Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis.

Minnis yesterday said establishing tent cities and allowing people to stay in mobile homes on their properties are among the things the government is moving on.

Minnis said the government is also discussing the establishment of a man camp for workers rebuilding the areas.

The prime minister said many residents of Abaco have requested permission to bring trailers onto their property.

“As the residents start to rebuild, they themselves can live on the compounds themselves so that can help become involved and oversee the reconstruction,” the prime minister said.

Minnis said the government wants to “mobilize” individuals impacted by Dorian.

“It’s essential for us to mobilize the individuals that were brought from Abaco and Grand Bahama back to their respective islands,” he said.

“Of course, manpower would be necessary. You must rebuild and you must be a part of that. They were employed there also. They are presently in the shelter.

“We’re presently discussing the establishment of a man camp. The man camp would be able to house all staff personnel individuals, contractors and their staff so that they can rebuild and clean up the island, etc.”

The government will also establish “a tent city” on Abaco and Grand Bahama for individuals impacted by Hurricane Dorian.

“We must also have what you call a tent city. It’s not like the standard tent that you would be familiar with, but a tent city would have bathroom facilities,” Minnis said.

“Each unit would have two bedroom facilities and you have recreational facilities. You have facilities for police and you have dining facilities and cafeteria facilities; so it’s really a city.

“We feel that it’s essential to move the individuals from New Providence back to this environment with everything inclusive of schooling facility, educational facility…

“…That could only remain for a certain period of time because after six months of the year, those individuals will become agitated and want to move into different types of facilities and therefore we will take that into consideration also knowing that this is a transitional phase.”

Dorian decimated Abaco and Grand Bahama earlier this month.

More than 1,300 people remain missing in the aftermath of the storm.

The death toll stands at least 51.

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