Govt should hold marijuana referendum

Dear Editor, 

The Bahamas Christian Council (BCC) released its position on marijuana. While there are aspects of the BCC’s position that are commendable, in my view, the BCC’s support for medical marijuana is a grave and alarming mistake.

And not only is it a grave and alarming mistake, it is a stark and glaring contradiction because in the same breath of support for medical marijuana, the BCC opposes religious marijuana.

What is the rationale for supporting people smoking dope in the name of medicine, while in the same breath opposing people smoking dope in the name of religion?

In its preliminary report, The Bahamas National Commission on Marijuana recommended the legalization of marijuana for medical purposes for Bahamian residents and visitors alike.

If the government adopts the commission’s recommendation, marijuana use in The Bahamas, legal and illegal, would undoubtedly increase to alarming levels with societal harm.

Sadly, some of the responsibility for such an outcome will lay squarely at the feet of the BCC.

The thought of this is scandalous.

It is both my considered view and my fervent hope that Bahamian voters, not a handful of parliamentarians, will be allowed to decide the place that marijuana should have in our country, if any.

Indeed, deciding this matter by way of referendum would be the deepest expression of our democracy to settle it, and all true democrats would be willing to live with the outcome, even if it happens to be what they oppose.

Therefore, if a majority of Bahamians wish to legalize marijuana for recreational and whatever other purposes, they should be allowed to.

The opposite is also true.

Whatever the outcome, we should accept it as the will of the majority.

In this regard, I call upon Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis and his government to put the marijuana issue to the Bahamian people by way of a referendum, the results of which the government would choose to abide by.

May the Lord help us as a nation to make wise decisions on this issue of marijuana, and if we think primarily of the most vulnerable among us, our minor children, the wise decisions will be quite obvious.

 Pastor Cedric Moss

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