Govt should provide women with whistles to help ‘deter crime’, says Davis

Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) Leader Philip Brave Davis proposed yesterday that the government provide women and children with whistles as part of a plan to help deter crime.

“As a government, it is our duty to protect our citizens,” Davis said.

As he said that “casting blame is not the solution but rather a vehicle for the problem”, he added: “You’ll need to heighten neighborhood patrols; provide women and children with complimentary whistles; provide an online predators list that is updated regularly and let’s install the active neighborhood cameras that you have promised.

“We believe that these suggestions will go a long way in assisting and bringing some relief to the scourge that has suddenly had an uptick in our society.”

The PLP leader took a moment to specifically focus on violence against women, noting recent murders which he referred to as “bold, misogynistic incidents”.

Two Long Island women, Melissa Hui and Jane Harding, were found dead on Friday after having been missing since Wednesday.

Police said that two men were in custody relating to their murders.

Davis said that reading such headlines about violence against women is “very difficult” for him “to sit through”.

“As a father and a husband, I can’t help but to become riddled with fear for my girls who as adults come and go as any of these victims do,” he said.

He added, “The reality is that a male cannot always be at their side, so how do we protect them?

“How do we ensure that our sisters, wives, the mothers of our born and unborn, are kept safe?”

Davis called on the Minnis administration to “implement those proposals that you promised in your campaign election and in your manifesto”.

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