Govt to investigate claims of shredding at post office

Minister of Transport and Local Government Renward Wells said yesterday that his ministry will investigate claims that mail is being purposely shredded at the General Post Office. 

The issue was raised in Parliament by former Minister of Transport and Aviation Glenys Hanna-Martin.

“There was a story on the news last night about the post office, about mail being purposely destroyed by the postal service,” Hanna-Martin said, 

“I don’t know the facts or otherwise [but] the minister is here.”

Wells stood and said, “Having been the former member she would understand that there is a process in place and I am advised, as the substantive minister, that that is the process that is being undertaken at this time.”

In response, Hanna-Martin said, “I am raising the concern for the minister to, I am assuming he doesn’t have the information, obtain the appropriate information and to bring an explanation to the Bahamian people.”

A row erupted between Hanna-Martin and other members from the government over the particulars of the matter. 

Following the House, Wells told reporters, “As I said on the floor of the House, I am being advised that there is a process by which all post offices discard certain kinds and types of mail; as minister I’m drilling down into that.

“The ministry will be making a statement very soon, so we will be passing that out to the media hopefully by the end of the day on the situation.

“I can’t speak to the claims made by the union and others but the ministry will be putting out a formal statement. 

“…There’s always the facts and there’s always the extrapolation of the facts to make it more than what it is.”

Wells further noted that he does not believe any officer in the post office would do anything untoward that is not in the legal framework of the way the post office operates.

“The very assertion that members would be shredding important mail is concerning because I do not believe that that speaks to the character of the workers in the post office that I have seen,” he said.

Asked what would happen if the claims are found to be true, the transport minister said, “Well at the end of the day, the government of The Bahamas has certain positions.

“There are certain rules and regulations under which you work, and we will have to respond in the manner that is befitting of a responsive and a responsible government.”

No statement was released by the ministry up to press time.


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Sloan Smith

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