Grant’s loss shouldn’t be politicized

Dear Editor, 

I would like to extend sincere condolences to former Free National Movement (FNM) MP Neko Grant on the passing of his son, Neko Jr.

Grant represented the great constituency of Lucaya (Central Grand Bahama) from 1992 to 2017 with distinction. Twenty-five years in the House of Assembly and not one smidgen of corruption can be attributed to Grant.

I will always regard him and the generation of FNM parliamentarians of 1992, who led The Bahamas from out of the political Dark Ages into the modern era of genuine democracy and political maturity as bona fide FNMs and reformers.

Notwithstanding his current political beliefs, Grant remains an invaluable contributor to the Grand Bahama community, which currently has five FNM MPs.

I am glad that the FNM has demonstrated political maturity by extending condolences to a man who had selflessly served that great organization for decades.

Whatever occurred between Grant and the FNM hierarchy in the lead up to the 2017 general election, I think the time has come for some sort of political reconciliation. His stellar record in the FNM must not be expunged by history revisionists.

The Progressive Liberal Party must also be commended for reaching out to the Grant family in what must be an extremely difficult time.

I cannot begin to even imagine losing any of my children.

Life has thrown another curveball at Neko Grant. But God will once more see him through this.

He hails from an evangelical Pentecostal Christian background.

I pray that the Lord will shower him and his grieving family with His love and grace during their grieving process.

Grant is a very down to earth, humble man, who is kind.

It is unfortunate that political operatives have used this man’s tragedy to promote a political agenda.

Grant’s tragic loss shouldn’t be politicized.

– Kevin Evans

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