Groping accused tells witness, ‘I still love you, baby’

A man accused of indecent assault made offensive remarks about his alleged victim’s genitalia and professed his love for her during his trial yesterday.

He also made offensive remarks to a police witness.

Sidney Cooper, 42, is on trial before Magistrate Samuel McKinney accused of indecently assaulting an 18-year-old girl in the downtown Nassau area and causing harm to her on June 12, 2019.

Cooper, who is on remand at the Bahamas Department of Correctional Services, has denied the charges.

The young woman told the court that her mother dropped her to work on Victoria Avenue around 7:30 a.m. The witness said she was tucking her blouse into her skirt when a man, identified as Cooper in court, grabbed her buttocks.

She said she spun around in an effort to grab the assailant and he shoved her to the ground, causing injuries to her face, hands and legs before he fled the scene.

The witness said her mother chased the man, while shouting at him, and others joined the pursuit.

Cooper was arrested about 10 minutes later when police ordered him to get down from a tree near the Rum Cake Factory, the court heard.

After the witness identified Cooper in court, he said: “You ain’t ready for me. You don’t want see me again. I is (sic) a monster.”

Cooper, who is unrepresented, challenged the witness’ identification of him.

He said, “You didn’t see me; you see someone who look like me.”

As the woman left the court, Cooper said, “I still love you, baby. Just keep that [word deleted] tight for me. I live East Street in the Grove.”

The magistrate warned Cooper to cease his abusive behavior or he would be tried in his absence.

However, Cooper persisted with his insulting remarks.

Before the witness’ mother was sworn to give testimony, Cooper shouted: “Big [word deleted]. You look like a snake.”

The woman’s mother testified about seeing Cooper grope her daughter as she sat in her vehicle and her subsequent pursuit.

Although Cooper claimed he was a victim of mistaken identity, he placed himself on the scene by asking the mother about the tints on her vehicle.

He also scoffed at the idea that she would have been able to do anything if she had caught him.

Cooper’s disruptive behavior continued during the testimony of Constable 3811 Sharain Brown.

Brown said she was on patrol when they were called to a disturbance near Rum Cake Factory.

She said members of the crowd pointed out the accused, who was in a tree.

Cooper said, “You ever heard about Zacchaeus in the tree and Jesus? That’s me.”

Brown said she ordered Cooper down and arrested and cautioned him.

The prosecutor, Inspector Philip Davis, asked, “Did he say anything to you?”

Brown recalled, “Officer, you look sweet.”

Cooper said, “All the time; all day.”

As she left the court, Cooper said, “You next now. I been watching you a ‘lil while, baby. Yeah, Miss Brown, have a great day.”

The case continues on August 2.

Before he was taken from court, Cooper told the magistrate that prison officials had failed to send him to Sandilands Rehabilitation Centre after he completed his sentence for his 2016 indecent assault conviction.

McKinney asked, “Why didn’t you go there yourself?”

Cooper said, “I was arrested.”

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Artesia Davis

Artesia primarily covers court stories, but she also writes extensively about crime.

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