Ground broken on Crooked Island piped, potable water project

In just eight months, parts of Crooked Island will have piped, potable water to homes and businesses, Executive Chairman of the Water and Sewerage Corporation (WSC) Adrian Gibson said yesterday, adding that designs are being prepared for more areas of the island to receive piped water.

BMH Company Ltd. (Bahamas Hot Mix) will carry out the $1.9 million contract to put the infrastructure in place.

Gibson made his comments following a groundbreaking ceremony for the project on Crooked Island. He assured residents that while only Church Grove settlement, Timothy Thompson settlement, Colonel Hill settlement and the Pond Road are slated to be outfitted and improved, other parts of the island are being looked at.

“The proposed works for Crooked Island will be extensive,” said Gibson. “Over the last few months we have sent engineers and technical folks who have done assessments of Landrail Point and Cripple Hill. Plans are being put in place to address the settlements on that side of the island.”

Gibson explained that in this initial project for Crooked Island, 18,850 feet of four-inch PVC pipe and 5,800 feet of two-inch PVC pipe will be laid. In addition, 83 water service connections will be made. He said in order to combat the elements of climate change, the pipes placed along the roadside will be buried four feet deep.

Gibson added that Crooked Island will be the recipient of a brand new reverse osmosis plant at the completion of the project.

“Crooked Island has priority on the Water and Sewerage Corporation’s list,” Gibson said.

“I know what it feels like to be on these islands but you don’t have what many in New Providence have and my outlook is not Nassau-centric.

“Those of us on the islands, I think, deserve the same services and the same opportunities of those who live in New Providence.

“It is my daily thrust to ensure that we get water to as many people as we can on these islands.”

Gibson said he is of the view that the Caribbean Development Bank loan that has facilitated the expansion of piped, potable water to Family Islands should be extended in order to capture many more islands and settlements.

A road paving project is being carried out in tandem with the WSC project.

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