‘Growing up Bahamian’ through the eyes of Sawyerboy

Timico “Sawyerboy” Sawyer is proud of his Bahamian heritage and the fact that unless you grew up Bahamian in The Bahamas, you would not know what he’s talking about. But he’s going to give the world at large a taste of what it was like for him growing up Bahamian in his upcoming online stand-up comedy special “Growing up Bahamian.”

“‘Growing up Bahamian’ is one of those things that not everyone got to experience, and for those that did, through this special I want to remind people – especially Bahamians – how good it was.”

Through his online stand-up comedy special, scheduled for December 2 at 8 p.m., Sawyer will showcase life in The Bahamas from his point of view, and no subject matter, no matter how taboo people of today may think it is, will be off limits – case in point, he’s going to take you through the time he received his first and what would be his last beating from his dad, Marcian “Marki” Sawyer, deceased, for calling his brother “stupid”.

Funny enough, Sawyer doesn’t remember the time that his dad gave him that memorable beating, but he remembers the exact date it happened – September 18, 1996.

“My daddy repeatedly told us to not call each other stupid and I didn’t listen,” recalled Sawyer. “Let’s just say that one time was more than enough to get the message. I find myself telling my kids the same thing.”

By hosting his debut stand-up comedy special on December 2, Sawyer will also be honoring his dad, as that was his dad’s birthday. His father passed away in 2018.

And then there was the time he was broke at the ice cream truck and how being broke at the ice cream truck forces a person to learn to lie.

In the upcoming special, you get to see Sawyer transform into his eight/nine-year-old self and act out the time he didn’t have enough money to get what he wanted from the ice cream truck, but didn’t want his friends to tease him about not having the funds.

Sawyer explores all these topics and more in his first stand-up comedy show.

Coming into 2020, Sawyer said, this was the year he wanted to center around finally ascending the stage to do his first stand-up show, to represent a new chapter in his life – attaining his 40th milestone – but COVID-19 derailed his plans and he had to find a different approach to make the dream of a stand-up show a reality. He turned to the virtual platform.

In the era of staying safe at home, he can make his dream of a stand-up comedy special a reality, and people can take in the show from the comfort and safety of their homes.

The one hour and 10-minute show costs $10 and will be streamed on a platform that viewers will need a particular link to access. Once they have purchased the ticket from Sawyer’s
website, www.sawyerboy.com, or by telephoning 242-426-1858, they will automatically be notified that they are all set and will get further updates leading up to the show via email.

The show will also have a live chat to allow viewers to comment and react with others viewing the show in real time.

And it’s all new material he will present.

“This is the first time I have done this particular comedy set. I’ve been working on some of the jokes for a while now to get to this point.”

For those who aren’t able to view the special live for its 8 p.m. premiere, Sawyerboy has it set up where they will have 24-hour access to be able to watch it before it is removed.

Sawyer ran a test of the virtual show earlier to ensure all the kinks were worked through, to ensure things run as smoothly as possible and working properly for his stand-up debut. He said he is confident it will turn out well because of his dry run.

Most people would be surprised to learn that the “Sawyerboy” persona isn’t an ingrained part of Timico Sawyer – or maybe it is and he simply needed the stars to align for that part of him to shine through.

“I wasn’t known to be a class clown – I’ve always been more of the shy guy… [I] still am, actually,” said Sawyer. “I’ll be somewhere and you probably won’t know until you ask, ‘That’s Sawyerboy over there?’”

“Sawyerboy” came to be after his grandmother, Enid Sawyer, passed away in 2011.

“We were sitting under the tree for the repast and I was telling my family a story that happened to me, and they were literally crying from laughter. That’s when I noticed I had something that could be seen by more than just my family and close friends.”

Sawyer took it up and ran with it, and never looked back.

Even though it has been almost a decade since he realized and started tapping into his comedic chops, he said his schoolmates and coworkers continue to be shocked to this day.

Only the select few that he was comfortable around knew that “Sawyerboy” lived within Timico Sawyer and that they were one and the same.

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