Haitian diplomat reassigned

Haitian Chargé d’Affaires Dorval Darlier has been reassigned outside The Bahamas, The Nassau Guardian confirmed.

It is not known why he is being moved, however, there was controversy surrounding Darlier following Hurricane Dorian.

In October, he suggested the Bahamian government should consider halting the repatriation of Haitian migrants “because of the political situation” in Haiti, which at the time was experiencing violent protests.

“What I’m going to do is I’m going to sit with the government to see the best they can assist Haiti in that way…,” Darlier said.

But he added, “If you are illegal, I cannot tell the Bahamian immigration department [not to] do their job.”

While the government had announced that the repatriation of storm victims who are undocumented migrants was on hold in the immediate aftermath of the storm, it later said that survivors in shelters would face repatriation.

The decision led to much debate locally and internationally, with the United Nations being one of the organizations also calling for repatriations to Haiti to be put on hold.

Darlier took his position further in late October when he stated that Haitians convicted of minor immigration offenses should not be sent to prison, claiming that he expressed the same to Attorney General Carl Bethel.

At that time, he told The Nassau Guardian: “I think that the first point of view is that some people are in Fox Hill for minor things like the immigration matter.

“I know that The Bahamas is a country of law, but sometimes you have to see it like the humanitarian way because…there isn’t a major crime.”

Former Court of Appeal President Dame Joan Sawyer later criticized Darlier’s comments as “completely out of line”.

Yesterday, Darlier, who has only been in The Bahamas for several months, declined to comment when asked about the transfer, claiming that he has been advised not to discuss the situation with the media.

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