‘He was a gangster, but he wasn’t a killer’

Grieving father Shawn Adderley, 47, is urging the government to do more to help youths stay off the street, after his son, Nashorn Adderley, 24, was killed in a police-involved shooting on Monday.

Both Nashorn’s father and his brother, 27-year-old Davarscio Adderley, say they feel the police went too far in the level of force used against the suspects of the bank robbery.

His father said Nashorn was a “gangster” but not a killer.

“‘Shornie was a gangster,” Shawn said in an interview with reporters yesterday.

“It isn’t like I don’t know how my son is, how my son go.

“You can’t cover for your child when you know your child is do wrong or things like that. But ‘Shornie wasn’t really a killer or [anything]… ‘Shornie just liked money.”

But both men agreed that the police should not have fired so many shots.

“But they didn’t have to kill him like that though,” Shawn continued.

“All them shots? Come on, man. Other fellas do robberies and thing and didn’t die like that, and ‘the man’ catch them.”

Calling it an “injustice” Davarscio said: “[I]n my case, even if you get a call or a tip off that these guys were going to rob this place or do something or in this vehicle here, if you approach a vehicle you are never just supposed to open fir[e].”

Shawn added, “Listen to me, I talk to my son.

“I don’t cloak my son. If he’s wrong, I let him know he’s wrong.

“But if you live that life, or you choose that life to live, that’s what you choose.

“[B]ut right now the system needs to try give these youths a chance, man. Need to try find some way to help these youths, man. Try help them.

“Because all they’re doing is fighting them down, that’s why they’re retaliating. No one’s trying to help them.”

Shawn said he was helping someone when he found out his son was killed.

“I was at the Ministry of Works trying to get somebody’s meter straight when I got the call saying he was involved with a bank robbery and the police them pulled up and killed him,” Shawn said.

“I couldn’t describe it. I just was in shock, I couldn’t believe this was my son.”

Davarscio added: “My cousin called me, she was asking, she said, ‘I just hear they had a robbery happen on Mackey Street.’

“She said, ‘Where your brother is? Because I know he’s a daredevil like that, [a] stunt devil like that.’”

He said he and a relative rushed to the scene, where they found the mother of another suspect crying as she believed that it was her son who was killed.

“When I look at the scene and I look over at the bank yard where I could have seen the car parked, I see that car riddled right up – that car looked like a fish pot,” Davarscio said.

“When I [saw] them open up that back door on that car and they say the person in the car have on a green hoodie [I] already knew that was my brother.”

Police, in their report, said that the Monday morning shoot-out between police and two suspects left one man dead and another suffering from gunshot wounds in hospital.

According to Chief Superintendent Solomon Cash, police foiled a planned bank robbery before the suspects could carry out the heist. He said a tip led police to the location where they intercepted the two men around 9 a.m. near the Royal Bank of Canada’s Mackey Street location.

But Davarscio claimed his brother was not involved in the robbery, alleging that he had only just parked in the parking lot to escape from a police chase.

He described Nashorn as someone who took his work seriously whenever he was employed, saying that he even worked as a hotel supervisor a few years ago.

But as Nashorn had allegedly been charged in a “high-profile” armed robbery previously, his older brother suspected the 24-year-old was targeted in retaliation.

This was the second police-involved shooting for the year.

Her Majesty’s Coroner is investigating the incident.

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