Healthcare workers to get honorarium in August

The Ministry of Health announced yesterday that it will make honorarium payments to frontline healthcare workers and non-frontline workers who worked during the first wave of The Bahamas’ COVID-19 pandemic before the second week of August.

The first wave is categorized as March 19 to June 19, 2020, according to the ministry.

“The public is advised that after the announcement that $3 million was approved by the government to pay other frontline and non-frontline workers who later joined the fight, the Ministry of Health had to carefully scrutinize the proposed list of names recommended for an honorarium,” it said in a statement.

“Recalculations had to be completed based on the proposed names for consideration and a verification process ensued to ensure all healthcare workers recommended were compensated according to the set specifications. This caused some delays.

“Consequently, the Ministry of Health announces that all frontline and non-frontline workers who assisted with the national response to COVID-19 during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic in The Bahamas will be paid by check on or before the second week of August 2021. 

“The Ministry of Health apologizes for any inconvenience caused.”

In his budget communication, Minister of Health Renward Wells indicated that the government had approved $1,040,600 in honorarium payouts and death benefits for “a limited number” of frontline nurses, doctors and medical service workers.

He also indicated that an additional $3 million was approved for the honorarium to compensate other healthcare workers “who later joined the fight”.

The ministry said yesterday that while no date for payment was originally indicated, it aimed to complete payments by the end of this month.

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