Hennessy Artistry goes virtual

Hennessy Artistry is a global platform that celebrates the arts – music, street art, painting, design, mixology…and the list goes on. In The Bahamas, the main focus is often on music, mixology and some touches here and there of other art forms, but this year, without being able to follow their usual format, Commonwealth Brewery Limited (CBL) decided to take the opportunity to go behind the artist and highlight amazing local talent for the Hennessy Artistry – Behind The Artist event which will be held on an online platform.

Hosted by Alex Kaufmann (Baha Yogi), the event will showcase artists including Stefan Davis (Stephen Legend), artist; Scharad Lightbourne, photographer; Erin Reign, radio personality and musician; Keeya, musician; Drew Harmony, musician; and DJ Ignite; with bartender Derrick Blackmon (Mr. Hennessy) mixing in the art of blending.

Mia Marshall, CBL spirits brand manager, said this year’s Hennessy Artistry event will allow fans of the wildly popular event to get to really know local Bahamian artists and why they are passionate about what they do, and to inspire the next generation of artists.

With no shortage of talent in The Bahamas, Marshall said Hennessy Artistry, which mixes the art of blending with the best live concert, had no problems selecting talent.

With the challenges that came with the COVID-19 pandemic, organizers had no idea what November would look like. As the year progressed, Marshall said, they realized that the pandemic would likely continue even into 2021 and the show had to go on.

“This year, we could not and would not host a concert in this climate, but we wanted our consumers to still be inspired by our brand and the never stop, never settle attitude of Hennessy. We decided to make it a free virtual event that everyone can enjoy from the safety of their homes, but we have chosen to do it in a way that is so much different than the virtual events you’ve seen so far.”

Marshall promised that viewers can expect insightful and fun entertainment when Hennessy Artistry – Behind The Artist airs as a two-night special November 28-29 at 8 p.m. on the @HennessyBahamas and @700Wines&Spirits Facebook pages.

“Truly authentic and down-to-earth segments with musical performances by Keeya and Drew Harmony,” said Marshall. “Derrick Blackmon is such a talented mixologist – he re-imagined a few traditional cocktails and invented new ones for the artists to try. He even got our host behind the bar.”

With no shortage of talent from which to choose, Marshall said they started the process with a long list before they decided on the final list of established and upcoming artists for the virtual event.

“They are growing their respective industries and pushing us to experience Bahamian artistry in very diverse ways. Keeya, Drew Harmony, Stefan Legend, Scharad Lightbourne, DJ Ignite and Erin Reign all bring something unique to the table and they represent very different art forms. Even Alex Kaufmann, our host for the evening, stands strongly in her own lane.”

Marshall said she believes fans of the event will welcome the virtual format because of the selection of artists chosen and because during the pandemic, many people have gained an appreciation for home and for things that connect people.

Even though the event will be held virtually this year, all around the world, Hennessy Artistry has brought together some of the most talented artists on stage for an electric mix of musical talents. More than a show of different artists, the Hennessy Artistry series are exciting collaborations of musical artists in exceptional onstage performances.

Since the concerts began in 2006, their fame has grown. Cosmopolitan and truly entertaining, the Hennessy Artistry series are a perfect example of Hennessy’s art of blending – a bold, exciting mix of sound, visual innovation and unique experiences.

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