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Hope abounds for 2023

The Lord is my shepherd, I lack nothing. – Psalm 23:1

We are about, with God’s help, to be ushered into the year 2023. And, with sincere gratitude, we give thanks for how we have been spiritually kept and provided for. Not that it was the year of a bed of roses, but overcomers for the obstacles and snares that have been put in place by the enemies. Now thank we all our God!

For those who are believers of the word, 2023 is the year of reward, complete with bountiful blessings – and our text will bear truth to this. Not relying on man, but the Creator of all things created, the enemy of poverty will not be able to enslave you any longer.

Under the guidance of the spirit of God, the Bible was written by men of very humble origin. The simplicity of language and teaching is meshed in the language of ordinary people who every day deal with livestock, the sea and nature. So, when David opens up this 23rd Psalm with “The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want”, he was fully qualified with the comparison as he himself was a shepherd boy and was responsible for providing for and protection of the sheep of his pasture.

The year 2023 is approaching – who is going to be your caretaker, your manager, your provider, your protector, your doctor, your lawyer, your teacher … your all and all? Are you seated at the gambling table of worthless options? Or are you focused on the one who has everything that you will ever need – including eternal life?

We are fresh out of the season of the birth of Christ, who was God incarnate amongst men, and during his ministry declared that he was the Good Shepherd. There is a wonderful relationship between the shepherd and his sheep. He is gentle with the sheep and daily leads them out of the pen to green pastures and fresh water. They are guided by the staff and defended with the rod and every evening the shepherd does not leave them but leads them safely back home.

How many are deep in sorrow valley of one kind or another because they choose not to have the Lord as their shepherd. There have been lost relationships, financial fiascos, disaster negotiations, assault on family life, no community harmony, serious increase in crime, lack of respect for parental and national authority, and rather than putting trust in God, have thrust God out of their lives.

But hope abounds for the year 2023 in the guide lines of Psalm 23. This is your personal prescription and if taken as given, you are on your way to multiple springs of blessings for you and yours.

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