House of cards 

Dear Editor,

What is happening within the ruling FNM administration? That party appears to be crumbling right before our very eyes. We have now witnessed four Cabinet resignations this term.

This does not bode well for the good governance of the nation. At least one other Cabinet minister has indicated that he will not offer himself in the upcoming general election.

Whatever prompted Minister Lanisha Rolle to resign from the Ministry of Youth, Sports & Culture will, no doubt, soon be revealed by the prime minister. It must have been something very troubling to the PM.

Perception in Bahamian politics is almost akin to reality. The FNM is like a house made of cards. With the rapidly shifting winds of change, the entire house that the FNM built could be blown apart in short order.

I urge all eligible Bahamians to go and register at the earliest opportunity. The PM says that he is in no rush to ring the bell, but circumstances on the ground will compel him to do just that.

Minnis appears to be well on his way to becoming a one-term prime minister. He has no credible or identifiable legacy except, perhaps, for the ill-advised huge increase in VAT, the blindside purchase of the Grand Lucayan hotel and his inept responses to Dorian and the COVID-19 pandemic.

By the way, where is former Senator Kay Forbes who was appointed by the PM a year or more ago to supervise the regime’s response to Dorian and the reconstruction efforts over in Abaco and Grand Bahama? What was her stipend from the administration and why has she and her team not been able to erect certain dome (or is it doomed) houses in Abaco more than a year after they landed in The Bahamas?

Attorney Michael Scott, who used to mercilessly lambaste and disparage the now prime minister, is chairman of the Lucayan special purpose vehicle.

His filing of a fraud case forced Peter Turnquest, the East Grand Bahama MP, to resign as deputy prime minister and minister of finance.

Scott has publicly called the deal for the Grand Lucayan sale “a bad deal”. Yet, he and the government would expect and hope Royal Caribbean to proceed with the same in the midst of the ongoing pandemic? A house of cards, or is the tail now wagging the dog?

While this political circus is playing out, the masses are suffering and catching pure unadulterated hell right here on Earth.

Pindling left a considerable legacy behind. Ingraham also left his huge footprints in the sand of The Bahamas. Christie tried his best, but he was challenged in more ways than one. His legacy was built on sinking sand and shifting winds, which equal zero.

Minnis, alas, squandered big time the goodwill of our people and is now poised to exit through any door of his choice.

He can go through the front or the back door; I couldn’t care less. He simply needs to just pack his georgie bundle and go.

Ortland H. Bodie, Jr.

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