Human kindness

Dear Editor,

As I watched people drop money into the receptacle it made me proud to be a Bahamian. And it gives me great pleasure in sending a big shoutout to the management and staff of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) for the initiative they have taken to help bring relief to the victims of Hurricane Dorian.

KFC has placed containers next to the cashiers, appealing to its customers to please donate to the hurricane relief fund.

Unfortunately, because at face value it seems so insignificant, some people do not see its worth. But it is more than just giving. It is a symbol of unity and human kindness.

This bold and valiant gesture must be applauded and I believe other businesses are doing the same thing, but thus far, KFC is the first one I’ve seen.

While benefactors from countries worldwide and benevolent citizens throughout The Bahamas are donating to the cause, more is needed, much more.

This is where the average sympathetic persons who are concerned about the welfare of their brothers and sisters are willing to give whatever they can.

This is where other businesses like KFC can play a major role in assisting the victims by placing containers (love symbols) strategically at their checkout counters and elsewhere.

I am sure that even the youngest child will be willing to deposit whatever he or she can into the jars, even if it means breaking off a li’l piece of da lunch money. Every penny counts.

Stop, pause, think about it.

“Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.” — John. F. Kennedy.

While we all join in concerted prayers, we should also make sacrifices and give whatever we possibly can to bring relief to the victims and assist the government in rebuilding our country.

Now is the time for every patriotic citizen to come to the aid of their fellowmen.

Have you donated yet?

No need to worry; just stop by the nearest KFC and drop a dollar in “the love jar”.

Thank you, Kentucky Fried Chicken.

These are my favorite lines of our national anthem: “Pledge to excel through love and unity / Pressing onward, march together / To a common loftier goal.”

God bless The Bahamas.

Love you.

­­— Anthony Pratt

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