Hypocrisy: The mother of all evil

Jesus the Christ, the God-made man who came on earth to redeem humanity, hated the hypocrites. In Matthew 6, he treated them as stage actors, who were phony, acting a role and duplicitous. I am making the proposition we can solve most of the problems of this world if we can unmask the hypocrite leaders, just like Jesus did with the Sanhedrin and the Pharisees to come to a better world that is good for everybody.

I will use three areas to focus my essay on: race relations, migrants and poverty in general, as well as the environment.

Race relations

I have come to the determination there is no difference between a white person and a black person. They are both endowed with all the divine aptitudes to fulfill their ambitions and their goals, except the black person is inflicted with almost half a millennium of deficit in education and in sophistication. This deficit can be broken down into:

• 300 years of slavery, when education and sophistication for the slave was out of the question.

• 150 years of colonialism, when the colonists were not interested in providing tools of education for the colonized ones.

• 60 years of ill government by the founding fighters for independence that is as inimical to the education and the sophistication of their new subjects as the colonists were!

This is the canvas for the people and their governments, whether in the United States, Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa, Europe and the Middle East. Watching from afar the effervescence of acts of brutality and racism erupting from time to time and making a big deal about each act as if it were not the consequence of 510 years of deficit in education and in sophistication is as hypocritical as the Pharisees.

The way about to bring harmony among the races is actively to fill the deficit for each and every one of the black population. If China could do so in 25 years for 850 million Chinese citizens, the United States, with the proper will (because it has the means) can do so for 50 million minority citizens who heard the call of Dr Martin Luther King 55 years ago:”One hundred fifty-five years later, the Negro lives on a lonely island of poverty in the midst of a vast ocean of material prosperity. I have a dream that, one day, this nation will rise up out the true meaning of its creed. We hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal… So let freedom ring.”

Dr. Martin Luther King has shown us the way; we must come back to the path of his preaching. I hail from a school that transformed New York City in the 70s. The School of Social Work at Columbia University transformed the culture of New York City into a hospitable place with the leadership of Dean Allan Ginsberg, Professor George Brager and, Frances Piven. It transformed the city into a beacon of intellectualism and militancy that forced Mayor John Lindsay to give respect and assistance to the millions of black citizens who were escaping from the environment of segregation and disrespect in the south of the United States to come to reside in the north of the nation. Forty-six years later, New York still has the hallmark of a special oasis in the country.

This intellectual militancy has faded away! May the Columbia University School of Social Work rise up again to the task of pushing the rest of the nation to the vision of Dr. King “that all God’s children, black men and white men, Jews and Gentiles, Protestants and Catholics, will be able to join hands and sing ‘Free at last, Free at last’”.

 Migrants, jobs and the environment

The caravan of migrants by foot from Latin America and the Caribbean to the United States and by sea from Africa and the Middle East to Europe is the casualty of fake caring resulting from the hypocrisy of bad policies implemented by leaders moved by the long hand of either the United States or the European governments. I hail from a country, Haiti, where the fake democracy bought at the rate of 1,000 gourdes a vote or $25 per voting person by the winning candidate has imposed from one government to another a regime worse than the one before.

A casual survey of the population of Haiti in the Caribbean, or as a matter of fact, any country in Africa and Latin America, indicates that 85 percent of the population would gladly emigrate from their natural habitat. The reason is simple: lack of hospitality at home, where a fake democracy is in full force. Should we continue to impose the fake democracy regimes with all the consequences of migrants knocking at the door of Tijuana on this side of the Atlantic or Greece, or Italy on the other side?

Yet the jobs are plenty in the underdeveloped nations, they need roads, good schools, excellent hospitals — all the amenities that make a country a welcome place. It is not as such in the developed ones. As I have indicated in a previous essay, most of the jobs of the developed countries have moved to China, which sets itself to be the factory par excellence of all the creations of the industrialized world.

The remedy for the millennial generation is to be highly educated, creative and resilient to come with added value products, such as the Uber concept, making life highly enjoyable for all.

The environment

The world needs to embrace the philosophy of St. Francis that called to be in love with Mother Nature and preserve it for the next generation. The culture of making sure that each seed of a fruit or a produce becomes later a tree or a new plant must be a universal mandate. I have recalled in several essays how, in my home country of Haiti, in this month of December, millions of seeds of mahogany will become dust when the cone is broken by the wind, unless it is harvested beforehand.

To my knowledge, in a country where the land erosion is at its peak, with no wealth creation in the horizon, vast fields of mahogany in its multiple mountains would provide enough cooling in the region and green wealth that would make Haiti a Dubai, but to a larger extent.

May the Pope have the strength to call on all the leaders of the world to join hands with him in action and in advocacy in preserving Mother Earth for all those who will come after us, in a world devoid of hypocrisy, busy in caring for each individual to reach his zenith in his home country!


• Jean H Charles LLB, MSW, JD, is a regular contributor to the opinion section of Caribbean News Now. He can be reached at jeanhcharles@aol.com. Published with the permission of Caribbean News Now.

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