‘I can’t believe I lost my son’

An eight-year-old boy was killed over the weekend after falling into a storm surge as Hurricane Dorian tore through Abaco.

The victim has been identified as Lachino McIntosh.

His mother, Lashane McIntosh, said yesterday that her family was fleeing rising waters in their house moments before Lachino’s death.

“We actually was inside the house and the water actually came gushing through the backdoor,” McIntosh said.

“The water was literally over our head.”

McIntosh’s boyfriend, Bronson Williams, was emotional when he described how he tried to save the boy’s life.

“The water was up so high that it burst the door in from the pressure. When the door burst open, it [shot] us all into one corner of the house.

“After we get [shot] into one corner of the house, we tried to grab everybody together and I tried to manage to get some sheets to try tie us up to try keep everybody. It so happened that I managed to go to the bedroom window because it’s like a push up window.”

Williams said he grabbed onto the window pane and held it with one hand.

He said he held McIntosh’s son and daughter with the other hand.

However, according to Williams, “The breeze was so strong that I couldn’t take the breeze.

“I say, ‘I gonna wait for a couple minutes [and] as quick as this breeze ease up I’m going to try to put the little guy in the window and then try and get the little girl.’

“It didn’t go in my favor. As quick as the breeze started up, it blow us across the balcony… If a balcony was there, then we would’ve been safe but the balcony wasn’t there.

“It blow us down… When it blow us down, we only dropped about two feet and we was in water.”

He said it was that moment that Lachino died.

Williams noted that he continued swimming with the girl afterwards because “the little boy we had done lose him”.

Lachino’s mother said she was mortified when she realized her son was dead.

She said she started questioning what had happened to her son.

“Then, I said, ‘Nuh-uh, that can’t be my son,’” McIntosh said.

“When I looked over, I saw him floating and I was like, ‘Oh, no, I can’t believe I lost my son in this storm.’

“So, after they got him, I started to [go] down. He brought me down and I started to revive him. He started foaming and when I looked that was it. That was it for my son. I can’t believe I lost my son in the storm.”

She said her last encounter with Lachino was a prayer of protection.

McIntosh said she identified her son’s remains at the clinic in Marsh Harbour on Wednesday.

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