I dare Ginger Moxey to criticize the Grand Bahama Port Authority

Dear Editor,

I read with interest PLP Pineridge candidate Ginger Moxey’s criticism of what I consider to be low hanging fruits, the unpopular FNM and the unpopular Dr. Hubert Minnis, the prime minister of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas.

Moxey took a campaign swipe at Minnis after he announced that the GB Shipyard will be investing $350 million in two new docks.

Minnis is an easy target for Grand Bahamians such as Moxey, who are scared of the Grand Bahama Port Authority and its affiliates.

Moxey served as vice president of the Port Authority, resigning in 2014 in order to manage a magazine called Immerse. It is my understanding that the PLP supported her magazine.

 Both parties need to stop playing political games with Grand Bahamians and start holding the true culprit responsible for the state of Freeport.

Moxey knows that it’s her former employer, the port authority, which has failed miserably in living up to the Hawksbill Creek Agreement.

Freeport is rundown. Port Lucaya is a ghost town, with the only attractions being Wendy’s, Agave and Zorba’s.

Jobs are scarce, leaving many to either buy numbers or prostitute in order to put bread on the table.

The families of the port haven’t attracted a major foreign investor to Freeport in eons. Moxey knows this, but is scared to call out the families for their inability to uplift Freeport.

Changing the government will do absolutely nothing for Grand Bahama, so long as the Port Authority remains.

Moxey should’ve also taken the opportunity to criticize the gentrification recommendations of the Revitalization and Economic Expansion of Freeport committee, better known as REEF.

With the scarcity of employment opportunities for Bahamians in Freeport, why would the REEF committee call for the government to make it much easier for expatriates to relocate to Freeport?

This recommendation is counterproductive to what the committee is aiming on accomplishing.

Moxey’s silence concerning the Port and the REEF proposals is deafening.

I am calling on the Pineridge candidate not to take Grand Bahamians for fools. If she really wants to be their MP then she needs to address the ONE major issue plaguing Freeport. And it ain’t the FNM or the PLP.

Let me give her one major clue: its pink headquarters is located within walking distance of her campaign office.

I dare Moxey to criticize the port authority as she boldly did with the unpopular Minnis. Anyone can do that. But it takes courage to publicly hold the Port Authority accountable in Freeport.

I seriously doubt Moxey has the boldness and testicular fortitude to do that. That right there tells me that she will not stand up to the Port for Pineridge in the honorable chambers of the House of Assembly.

I am giving her the opportunity to prove me wrong.

Disgruntled port licensee

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