‘I never did any of those things’

HeadKnowles Co-founder Lia Head-Rigby yesterday categorically denied that she misused money earmarked for Hurricane Dorian relief and revealed that she is considering filing a countersuit against her former partner Gina Knowles.

Knowles filed a lawsuit against Head-Rigby in a Florida court on Monday. The 217-page suit alleges that Head-Rigby commenced a lifestyle of the “rich and famous” with funds donated through GoFundMe.

But Head-Rigby said her “hands are clean”.

“I never did any of those things she (Knowles) stated and allowed the foreign lawyers to convince her to say,” Head-Rigby said.

“I am a U.S. citizen, who raised U.S. funds on a USD platform in the U.S. and must adhere to all U.S. and IRS laws to ensure no non-Americans abuse the system.

“…I only spent funds on operation costs of moving over 800 flights of cargo planes, passenger planes and medical flights. None of it is free.”

Head-Rigby said she spent more than $200,000 to ship goods to The Bahamas.

“It’s pure insanity,” she said.

“I categorically deny all charges and have the proof.”

The suit against Head-Rigby claims that she paid herself a $120,000 per year salary from the donated funds once she cut ties from HeadKnowles in mid-September and formed Head Foundation.

In response, Head-Rigby said, “The job letter floating around, that’s my fault.

“I own it. I made up that letter to rent Goombay House for refugee families and I stated an untrue salary in order to be approved. The [Florida] investigator knows as well. I was trying to get approved and I did it.

“We have helped so many people. I’d do it again,” she insisted.

As it relates to the countersuit, Head-Rigby said she will be in a position to say more once her lawyer gives her the green light.

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