I still support the FNM

Dear Editor,

I voted PLP and DNA before, but 2017 was the first time I voted FNM. I’m glad I did. The party was the best choice on May 10, 2017, and it remains the best choice today.

Thus far, there has been no scandal involving an FNM minister taking money or being mixed up in corruption. That is important for me.

The economy has grown. I have read in the newspapers that a record number of stopover visitors are coming this year. That’s good for all of us.

Though December has been a bad month, murders are down significantly this year. That’s good too. We need this count to keep going down each year for a while. Our lovely Nassau has become a gangster town.

The government is getting ready to sign the final contract to build a new power plant in Nassau. That is very important. What BPL has now is not enough. I have lost several appliances in my home because the power goes in and out.

Since the FNM won, the international ratings agencies don’t downgrade us anymore. That’s a major success.

The government is also finalizing the redevelopment of the dump on Gladstone Road.

Dr. Hubert Minnis is not the friendliest man. He isn’t the best speaker. He has no charisma. But he is a better prime minister than Perry Christie. On the ballot on May 10, 2017, I saw Minnis and Christie. I believed Minnis was better. That was based on watching Christie and seeing how terrible he was.

I am happy that the last year and a half has demonstrated that this Minnis is better than Christie would ever have been. Despite all the things you could complain about, we all made the right choice in choosing the FNM over the PLP.

– Marsha S. Greene

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