Illegal migration a problem to social order

Dear Editor,

I believe that most people would agree that the dissolution of the traditional family has contributed significantly to most of our societal ills and criminality. But, I cannot help considering the influence of another factor.

It is said that illegal immigrants come to our country to seek a better way of life. No person should be faulted for wanting to have better, but there is a right way to do it as shown by the pains legal immigrants take to find gainful employment. What I have been sensing is a global trend for illegal immigrants to believe that they are entitled to break a country’s laws in their pursuit of “better”.

Their poverty or hardship, in their minds, it seems, makes their pursuit of a better life justifiable, even if it calls for breaking another country’s laws. But am I entitled to enter another person’s home and take what I want because I have six children that I cannot support properly or because I have not taken advantage of educational opportunities freely given in this country and am unemployable as a result? We have, with the credulousness of the now extinct Arawaks, viewed this breach of our sovereignty as acceptable without considering several simple things.

Firstly, when an immigrant enters this country illegally he or she knowingly and willfully disregarded the laws of a sovereign country and thinks he or she has the right to do so. No man enters another man’s house without his knowledge and thinks he is doing the right thing. They believe that their personal situation and desire to seek a better way of life are far more important than any of the laws of this country. At the center of their drive to get here is pure self-interest and survival.

Having risked life and limb in pursuit of a better way of life, why would we expect people so driven to survive, while having no regard for law and order, to magically become law-abiding occupants of this country. In fact, so strong is the desire to survive that circumventing laws becomes a way of life, encouraging corruption and increasing disorder on a societal level. These same ones soon scrounge up and save enough money to send home to finance the passage of the next wave of disregarders of our laws and sovereignty. And so it has been for decades, and so has the social disorder multiplied.

Parents with this survival-at-all-costs mentality will naturally pass this trait on to their children, intentionally or vicariously. I can only wonder how much this has contributed to the lawless mindset that pervades this culture.

It is my view that the “importation” of large numbers of uneducated, illegal immigrants with a reckless disregard for our sovereignty and laws, who do not speak the language and who will do anything to survive, has contributed significantly to the social and moral chaos that currently exists in this country.

– JB

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