I’m that girl… and so are you

Miss Bahamas Universe: Women and girls are capable, confident, movers and shakers and have the potential to do any and everything they put their mind to

You are capable, confident, a mover and shaker with the potential to do any and everything that you put your mind to. At least, that’s what Chantel O’Brian, Miss Bahamas Universe, wants girls and women to come to realize and understand. With this in mind, she has dubbed the month of April “Confidence Month” and is hosting “I’m That Girl” through her The Final Crown platform.

“We’ll be diving into ‘I’m That Girl’, reminding … or for some, introducing to them, their truth.”

O’Brian says the theme was “birthed” during International Women’s Day as she presented at an event.

“I asked the women in attendance, ‘When did you realize that you were THAT girl?’. Some knew exactly when and some still hadn’t had the revelation for themselves.”

It was that encounter that made O’Brian – the first Bahamian contestant to place in the top 10 of the Miss Universe pageant during the 70th year of the pageant – think that the question should be nurtured.

“The message is, you are that girl in business … in medicine … in the arts … in music, and anywhere you take up space,” she said.

“I always tell people that God has made me very confident as a woman. It sounds so cliché but it’s really the truth. I’ve developed a mindset that demands nothing less than setting the standard that I know I can rise to – but as a human being, I must remind myself that I possess the qualities that bring value to any room that I’m in. And like me, I know someone else may need that gentle reminder as well.”

Confidence Month is a highlighted time for everyone, she says, but especially girls and women to display their confidence or use it as an opportunity to build it.

“This initiative was born from my personal mantra, ‘perfection is a myth’, under The Final Crown.’

In 2021, O’Brian hosted a virtual confidence conference which reached about 80 viewers with what she terms were a “powerhouse of women” who addressed topics like godly ambition, you can do hard things and of course, perfection is a myth.

This year, the conference will be in-person.

“I implore every girl or woman to use this month to build or solidify the greatness within by taking part in the [30-Day Self-Confidence] Challenge.”

The challenge is just that – a challenge. Participants are encouraged to complete assignments that speak to their inner confidence – writing down what they love most about themselves, meeting a new person (coming out of their comfort zone) and more. At the end, O’Brian says the overall objective is for the individual to feel empowered, not by the external factors of life but by themselves.

Among the challenges for participants to do daily for the month, are things like writing out three things they love about themselves, pray or meditate for 15 minutes first thing in the morning, get dressed up … even if they have no plans, take a selfie, and even reflection.

During the month, O’Brian will also focus on school visits along with social media engagement with different participants who decide to take the 30-Day Self-Confidence Challenge.

O’Brian’s story is one that also shows her confidence – a first-generation college graduate, motivational speaker, model and entrepreneur.

She considers charity and mentorship to be at the core of her identity, having been born into humble beginnings in the inner-city community of Englerston.

The reigning Miss Bahamas Universe obtained a Bachelor of Administration degree in business enterprise from Edinburgh Napier University, Scotland. While obtaining her bachelor’s, she founded P.S. O’Brian Consulting – a pageant, etiquette, runway coaching, and consultation agency.

She is also a former Miss World Bahamas 2015.

O’Brian is the co-founder of “The Leading Ladies Project” and the creator of “The Final Crown” – a faith and pageantry vlog developed from her mantra – perfection is a myth.

Through her initiatives, Chantel advocates for underprivileged youth by promoting the confidence and the self-worth needed to both realize and achieve dreams.

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