In praise of Elsworth Johnson

Dear Editor, 

Can you kindly provide me some of your valuable space to sing the praises of Elsworth Johnson, minister of financial services, trade and immigration and MP for the Yamacraw constituency?

Johnson is proving to be quite an effective minister and a representative for the good people of Yamacraw.

He is very approachable, he listens to you and is not full of arrogance that seems to have gripped so many members of this Minnis administration.

Johnson is very active in his constituency, always checking to make sure that everything is okay.

He is not full of promises; he is a man of action. He will tell you straight that he cannot do something rather than running you around for a long period of time like most politicians — PLP and FNM.

Johnson may have inherited his political acumen from his father, Oscar Johnson, former MP in the Pindling administration.

He is not flashy or showy; he is a man of substance and he is obviously committed to the development of all Bahamians, not only those in Yamacraw.

Staff at the Department of Immigration are already singing his praises and of course the brain thrust at the Ministry of Financial Services are excited about his level of commitment and competence.

Finally, Johnson is one who takes advice from the experts and technocrats in his ministry.

Many young politicians as soon as they are elected and named to the Cabinet become experts overnight and refuse to listen to the wise counsel of the permanent secretaries or directors.

He is a breath of fresh air and his prospects for reelection during the upcoming general election seem high.

His Cat Island roots have him deeply rooted and grounded.

Spence Finlayson

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