In praise of ‘Immediate Response’

Dear Editor,

I am a frequent listener to a number of the morning talk shows on all of the various radio channels.

The Bahamas continues to do well with its current crop of very talented pool of talk show personalities.

I especially wish to highlight, “Immediate Response” and its host, Spence Finlayson.

Nothing against the others, but maybe I have arrived at that season in my life where I like to hear about current and former neighborhoods, families from yesteryear and things Bahamian.

Spence did not invent this style. In fact, Darold Miller and Picewell Forbes (Hometown Boy) did a pretty good job recognizing communities and families, especially the family island communities.

However, Spence has taken it over the top with constantly and consistently recognizing Bahamians and “‘tings Bahamian”.

In fact, had I not been a regular listener to his show, I may not have truly realized how vast and talented the Bahamian diaspora is.

It seems to me that, weekly, he is highlighting a very talented Bahamian in a far-off place, who is still very connected to The Bahamas and who is proudly boasting that they are Bahamian and proud to be.

How many of us knew of the many talented Bahamian professionals in the UK? The many states of the USA? Canada?

“Immediate Response” is an excellent show that showcases The Bahamas, and the fact that he has taken his show on the road to New York, and probably elsewhere, shortly, is evidence that there are no boundaries in the achievements of this little country of ours!

Frequent listener

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