Is it Miller time?

Dear Editor,

Recently, Leslie Miller, former MP for Tall Pines, made some bold, and I dare say, arrogant statements in the media. “No one can stop me from running,” he said. I am not sure to whom Miller’s comment was directed. I do know, however, that it is untrue on multiple levels.

In the first place, his unsolicited utterance, if one cares to pursue this trajectory, may even be blasphemous. I know for certain that God can. But the mind of a man who can utter such a statement obviously doesn’t give God much consideration.

In addition, the constituency can. At least it can stop him from running under a particular banner. Perhaps he means that if he wants to contest a seat no one can stop him because he can find $400 to run as an independent candidate. And still, there is God.

Miller indicates that the present administration is incompetent because its members lack experience in governance, which is wreaking havoc on the Bahamian people. On this, we agree. His conclusion, though, is that this is why he and other former experienced PLP MPs ought to be ratified by the party to run in the next general election. Utter nonsense!

I guess Miller wants us to ignore his record. I, for one, don’t think that he passes the character test.

Any man who gleefully uses the physical abuse of women as an allusion in his narratives has no business being returned to our honorable house by the Bahamian people.

Moreover, no person who was receiving in excess of $100,000 per annum in salary and benefits from the public purse, the depository of the blood, sweat and tears of the Bahamian people, who refuses to pay his bill to a public corporation, has the moral authority to be arrogantly demanding to be returned to governance.

Do I need to include here his scurrilous, vitriol regarding our gay citizens? He advocated the “exile of transgender persons out of The Bahamas”, further urging Bahamians to financially contribute to having transgender persons exiled to their own private island to ensure “they stay out of the way” and die because of their inability to reproduce. He pledged to give the group its first $1,000 toward this relocation.

I would like to inform Miller that the PLP doesn’t belong to him. Nor does it belong to any particular clique or precinct.

That may have been so in the past, but this is a new day. And may I also inform all those arrogant and misguided souls who think as Miller does, that PLP means Progressive Liberal Party; and celebrating the beating of women, not paying one’s taxes and vilifying human beings for their sexual orientation are not progressive or liberal positions. The country needs to move forward, not backward.

Constituencies and the leader of the PLP, Philip Brave Davis, and his team (and the other political parties for that matter) must take the vetting of candidates seriously. It is an awesome responsibility.

Whereas a candidate should not be excluded simply because he or she ran before, the vetting process, in the case of the PLP, should ensure that the person meets the requirements of progressive and liberal thought. Or does our name still mean anything?

We must also select candidates who can pass the character test. This is why the country is suffering now. 

I hope that the good people of Tall Pines do not intend to ratify Miller again, solely on the basis that he has a big mouth. He has already failed the ethical and moral test and he has displayed that those retrograde ideas floating around in his head are neither progressive nor liberal. When persons show us who they are, we ought to believe them the first time.

Listen, the days of early morning telephone deals, or of pillaging and plundering and flaming the Bahamian people must be over — now!

This morally bankrupt, incompetent, heartless present administration ought to be the last administration that we Bahamians allow to do this nonsense to us; and the first step in preventing this is in candidate selection. No one is entitled to be a candidate—no one!

I write, you decide.

Dr. Keith A. Russell

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