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Is it really progress?

I guess that the average person would say, that over their lifespan the world has progressed in so many areas. For example, in medicine, technology, aviation and so many other areas this of course is true. However, as I look around the world at people and how they are behaving toward each other, I have to shake my head in disbelief at what I actually observe from day to day. What I’m really referring to is the way in which people the world over relate to each other and actually treat each other. There are wars going on all over the globe, violent conflicts erupting all over the place day after day, week after week and month after month.

At the time of writing this particular article it’s not long after the mid-term elections in the United States when I observed so many people behaving in what I most definitely consider to be an uncivilized manner. Of course, politics is something which divides people up into feuding, fighting, even hating factions worldwide, into tribes just like ancient times.

So, we’ve established in many areas, particularly from a technological perspective that we have indeed made a whole lot of progress, however, when it comes to how we relate to each other, as God created human beings, as brothers and sisters in God’s universal family we do not appear to be doing too well. Personally, and I’ve written about this before, I believe there are many contributing factors which continually divide up the peoples of the world into fighting, feuding groups – and they are politics, religion and unions. Yes, indeed they do contribute to a whole lot of division.

Now incidentally, I bring up the points which I have today, not to castigate anyone or any grouping, but simply to say to everyone that I believe that the time has come for us all, all of God’s Children throughout this great big world of ours, to take a long, hard look at the state of the world to see if there are definite steps that we could take which will bring us all together again to live as the one universal family we are.

• Think about it!

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