Is the prime minister in control of his Cabinet?

Dear Editor,

Nowadays I find myself asking the question “Is Prime Minister Philip Davis in control of his Cabinet?” And for more reasons than one. Anyone who knows Mr. Davis knows that he is a kind-hearted man, not biggety and not vindictive. I guess the second part of my question is “Is there a plot within the party to get rid of him?”

Let’s look at some events that has happened which may cost John Doe to ask, “Is the PM in control of his Cabinet?”

First there was the incident involving Minister of Health Michael Darville, during the pandemic, and the holiday carnival. The health minister was contradicting what was supposedly said by the prime minister as to whether permission was given or not.

Clearly, the health minister publicly contradicted the prime minister.

Secondly, Social Services Minister Obie Wilchcombe said that the government will put the rape bill on its agenda, even after the prime minister said the rape bill was not on the government’s agenda. Now you have the works minister contradicting the prime minister on BPL’s fuel hedge issue.

Madam Editor, a Cabinet should be speaking the same language. And it’s obvious that this Cabinet does not appear to be on the same page. I suspect that there’s a move afoot to intentionally undermine the prime minister. It’s public knowledge that Obie Wilchcombe wants to be leader of the Progressive Liberal Party, so does Alfred Sears. As for the health minister, I do not know. But my gut feeling tells me that the actors are being coached by former Prime Minister Perry G. Christie.

In closing, Madam Editor, I shall like to offer some unsolicited advice to Prime Minister Davis. Fire Alfred Sears. Not yesterday. Not tomorrow or day after tomorrow but now! He is an ineffective minister and it’s obvious. Secondly, shuffle your cabinet. Surround yourself with your friends and watch your back!


Pat Strachan

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