It’s a shame Davis and Cooper remain in leadership positions

Dear Editor,

Philip Brave Davis and Chester Cooper have been re-elected, respectively, as leader and deputy leader of the PLP. This act, though not unexpected, confirms that the stalwart councilors are not a group of individuals who think critically or strategically with either the nation or the party’s interest in mind. This is most unfortunate!

Bahamians spoke resoundingly at the polls in the last election and this act by a few, who do not understand the implication of their decisions, makes the voice of democracy shallow and inflexible.

This has the unfortunate consequence of virtually handing the next election to the governing party, allowing Dr. Hubert Minnis, if healthy, to become a two-term prime minister. Why should this choice be thrust upon the electorate?

The stalwart councilors of the PLP are deluded, detached from reality and staggeringly myopic in their decision. They do not seem to understand that no government wins an election solely from its core base of die-hard supporters.

A leader must have some popular appeal in order to attract independent voters. Rather than move from their checkered past and embrace a new future with new possibilities and new leaders, they want us to have more of the same? God forbid! The electorate has long moved on from seeing roots and voting PLP. 

May God help us all!


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