It’s never too late to do the right thing

Dear Editor,

While listening to the prime minister’s address on Sunday, I was very pleased to hear from his own lips that the web shops are NOT able to restart business under the curbside pickup or home delivery rules, although I’m sure they’ll leave no stone unturned searching for other ways around this edict.

Thank you, Dr. Minnis. Calmer and more sane minds have prevailed.

On the country’s return to normalcy, if there has to be some form of legalized gambling in The Bahamas to appease the baser desires of our people, I am of the opinion that a national lottery would more benefit both the public purse and the gambling public.

This, rather than allowing the select few to continue the economic and financial rape of our communities and the exploitation of our poorer people who can least afford it, but are those most vulnerable and afflicted by this scourge.

It is not too late to right this wrong which was underhandedly perpetrated on us by previous governments, it’s never too late to do the right thing!

 – Ian Mabon

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