It’s your time

Dear Editor,

Four years and a few months ago, the people of this wonderful nation lined up in droves to vote the Christie-led PLP out of office, due to myriad reasons coupled with Christie fatigue and serious allegations of corruption.

A large majority stood in long lines in the scorching hot sun just for an opportunity to vote Dr. Hubert Minnis and the FNM into high office.

The rest is now history.

Minnis and his crew campaigned on the slogan: ‘It’s the peoples’ time’. Christie and his people them threw out a one-liner that most Bahamians, inclusive of myself, have now long forgotten because it did not gel with anything sensible.

Minnis ended up with 35 seats while the PLP, under Christie, went down in flames.

Within the next week or so, Bahamians will once again flock to the polls.

It would appear, on the ground, that this time around, public sentiment is against the re-election of Minnis and his people them.

Bahamians are suffering from Minnis fatigue this time around.

The same set of circumstances which doomed the Christie-led PLP are in play right now with the FNM and its leader.

In a democracy such as obtains in The Bahamas, registered voters reserve the right to vote in or vote out on a regular five-year basis or sooner if the PM of the day decides to ring the proverbial bell.

Minnis opted for a badly advised snap election to garner, he says, a new mandate in view of the debilitating state of the economy and the necessity to continue to manage the ongoing pandemic.

Many right-thinking Bahamians advised Minnis not to advise the governor general to dissolve Parliament when he did.

Here we are in the midst of COVID-19 and the rapid spread of all sorts of variants. Unemployment is high and there is no relief in sight.

Less than 25 percent of our people have even received one dosage of a vaccination of choice even though we now have access to at least three different brands.

The outgoing minister of health brayed that we’d have herd immunity by summer. It has only gotten worse and more than 400 Bahamians have actually died from COVID-19.

Why call an election now when Minnis had a lopsided super majority and close to another year in office? I strongly suspect that he and the FNM have something in their collective minds for The Bahamas going forward if re-elected.

I do not believe that it is anything good or beneficial. Minnis played being the Pied Piper before and his performance left much to be desired. He could not do it then; what makes you believe that he can do it now?

Yes, it is YOUR time now to make yet another critical electoral choice.

Do we take a chance on going back to the future with Minnis and his people or do we, as a frustrated and shell-shocked populace, turn the pages of history and open up a new chapter written by another author who has been preparing to become prime minister all of his adult life?

Whatever you all do, please remember that according to Minnis, the treasury is bare and challenged.

Yet, he says that breakfast and lunch will be available to all school children. I guess that will include students, old and young, at UB and BTVI.

Two new bridges will be constructed in Eleuthera. A new subdivision here and there where single family lots will be sold for $10,000 or so; a new tower at an already cramped PMH site and the list of promises goes on ad nauseam.

The question is: who do you trust?

Minnis or Brave who is more than aware that it is your time?

With the national debt being what it is and the unsustainable never-ending borrowing by this interim administration, it is likely that if they are re-elected, additional taxes will be imposed.

Minnis says the state of emergency will end in November. Do you really believe him? Beware of pie in the sky electoral promises. After all, beloved, “it Is your time”.

 Ortland H. Bodie, Jr.

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