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Jesus’ coming will be like the cavalry in the old westerns

“There will be signs in the sun, moon and stars. On the Earth, nations will be in anguish and perplexity at the roaring and tossing of the sea. People will faint from terror, apprehensive of what is coming on the world, for the heavenly bodies will be shaken. At that time they will see the Son of Man coming in a cloud with power and great glory. When these things begin to take place, stand up and lift up your heads, because your redemption is drawing near.” – Luke 21:25-28

The tragedies and disappointments we experience in life cause us to feel despair. At these times, we become despondent and tend to resolve that there is no hope or escape from the vicissitudes of life.

Our God, through His word, tells us that better times will come. Because He said it, and we believe His word, we cling to this hope with all our might. Life itself seems to teach us that pain comes before joy. The cold, gloomy days of winter always precede the warm days of spring.

The trials and tribulations that we experience won’t last forever. God is in control, and He has worked out a marvelous plan for us. Despite the painful and frustrating life we may experience now, a time of joy awaits us in the future. Look up. The best is yet to come!

In the text, we are told about the signs of our Lord’s coming. These signs are the sun, moon and stars. Our Lord’s coming is real and is something to which the church looks forward.

If we are alive when our Lord comes, it will be a marvelous experience. What will happen to the heavenly bodies? Those heavenly bodies – the stars, moon and sun, according to the text, will be shaken.

However, when they are shaken, it will happen suddenly and deliberately. I tell you, there will not be time to consult your neighbor or even the church authority.

The coming of the Son of Man in the cloud is nothing of which to be afraid. The church looks forward to this great day with fervency.

Notwithstanding this, there are people who will try to frighten you with all kinds of stories. When the Lord returns, He will come for His church. That is why we celebrate Advent.

We are desperately waiting for our Lord’s return. Scripture tells us that the Lord “will come with power and great glory”. During His first visit to Earth, He came in poverty and humiliation.

He had no place to lay His head or a place to call home. He was always on the run from the powers of the world.

However, in His second coming, He will come with great power. There will not be any who will be able to stand against Him. What a marvelous day that will be. Come, Lord Jesus, come.

At His second coming, I say, lift up your head. Yes, lift your head and say come, Lord Jesus, come. You can do that because you know that your long-awaited king has come to take you away from the pain and disappointment of this sinful world.

When you see these things happening, you know that your salvation is at hand. Yes, Jesus’ coming will be like the cavalry in the old westerns.

In the old western movies, when all seemed lost and hope was defeated, the cavalry came with trumpets blasting and suddenly restored hope. Those who were about to be slaughtered, knew that their salvation had come. For them, it was the soldiers; for us, it will be Jesus, the king of glory. Amen.

• Reverend Samuel M. Boodle, pastor at the Lutheran Church of Nassau,  119 John F. Kennedy Dr can be reached at P.O. Box N 4794, Nassau, Bahamas; or telephone 426-9084; E-mail:; website:

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