John Bull temporarily lays off staff

John Bull temporarily laid off all of its staff on April 6, according to a statement from the luxury goods retailer.

“… John Bull temporarily closed its doors on Thursday, March 20th in compliance with the Emergency Powers (COVID-19) Orders 2020,” the statement said.

“As the health and well-being of team members is always paramount, full salaries were maintained for team members throughout the past few weeks up to April 5th. This approach is unfortunately not sustainable – despite cutting operational costs – if the company seeks to successfully get to the other side of this crisis.

“As the world grapples with the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic, John Bull’s executive team has had to make the very tough decision to temporarily lay off all team members effective April 6,2020.

“In order to assist our people during this period, the company will extend a payment to each employee equal to 50 percent of their salary as an ex gratia payment through April 19 in addition to maintaining employee benefits.”

John Bull said the COVID-19 pandemic presented the company with a crisis of unprecedented proportions.

“We can say with certainty that many of us have not witnessed anything quite like this in our lifetime, but what we know for sure is together we will get through this and brighter days are on the horizon,” the statement said.


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