Junkanoo ticket prices to increase

Junkanoo Corporation of New Providence (JCNP) Chairman Dion Miller said yesterday that there will be a “modest” increase in Junkanoo ticket prices this year.

He said tickets were $50 before the pandemic and will now be $55, including value-added tax, as a result of inflation.

“There hasn’t been any parades in three and a half years and we’re attempting to increase the prize,” Miller said.

“The prize funds for the groups are derived from ticket sales. In order to increase the prize, you have to get an increase in ticket sales.”

Miller said he expects for the Boxing Day parade to be sold out.

While it is usually a “struggle” to sell tickets for the New Year’s Day parade, it is expected that that parade will also be sold out, he said.

Miller said preparations for the events are “moving well”.

“We’re in the final stretch,” he said.

“Groups are getting ready. Time is near. I think we’re about three or four weeks away from the parade. This Saturday coming will be the order entry … so, groups will know exactly who is coming out first, second, third on the parade.”

The 2020 New Year’s Day Junkanoo Parade was the last parade held in The Bahamas.

A few weeks later, the Valley Boys announced that it will no longer participate in parades organized by the JCNP after the Shell Saxons Superstars was announced as the official winner of the 2019 Boxing Day Junkanoo Parade.

The Valley Boys, which had been declared the unofficial winner, dropped to second place after a three-point penalty.

However, in June 2022, Valley Boys Chairman Brian Adderley confirmed that the group will return to Bay Street on Boxing Day.

Miller said yesterday that all groups are expected to compete this year.

“As a matter of fact, I think one or two new groups will debuting on the parade as well,” he said.

“We increased the amount of groups that are members of the JCNP this year.”

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