K.B. releases new single – Das Why We Savin’ Da Bays

Bahamian recording artist and producer Kirkland “KB” Bodie is not relenting in his pursuit to engage his fans and the wider community in discussions on issues impacting the environment, as evidenced with the release of a new single “Das Why We Savin’ Da Bays.”

KB released the rake n’ scrape single which answers the questions people have lobbied on what Save The Bays (STB) has been doing, on Monday, April 12. He has also recorded and released a music video.

“Das Why We Savin’ Da Bays” song was written by KB while in Cuba following the devastating Hurricane Dorian in September 2019 and a 15-foot surge destroyed his Grand Bahama home. While out of the country, the artist said he read unflattering commentary which cast a shadow on all the work STB had been doing and that he responded in the best way he knew how – via song.

“They were questioning whether it was a political thing, and I knew then and there I had to write a song. Save the Bays stands up to the FNM and PLP. As I see it, our first priority is the environment,” said Bodie.

“I had to tell the story of what Save the Bays was all about and all the things we have accomplished. Some people seem to think we are not serious or that it’s all about politics. No – we actually care about the environment.”

To date, KB says STB has vocally challenged more than a dozen unsustainable development projects.

Since joining the non-profit environmental group, and even before that, KB says he has written, produced and performed a number of songs aimed at bringing awareness to and fighting unregulated development and environmental degradation in The Bahamas.

Growing up in Eight Mile Rock, Grand Bahama, Bodie says he and his friends weren’t at all interested in protecting the environment, or anything else for that matter. As he got older he said he knew it was better to care for the land than to abuse it.

“I have always heard the cliché, ‘let’s save it for our children’, but if I save it for me, it will automatically be there for future generations.”

“As an entertainer, he said it was important to get the messages to people who wouldn’t ordinarily hear them.

“This was a pivot to being more responsible and showing I’m not just a guy who can shake, but also one who could affect change.”

The coronavirus pandemic has slowed the world down. While Bodie has missed his live shows, he says he’s has been working on writing and producing new material.

“When things get back to whatever is normal, you will see a volume of music being kicked out,” he said.

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