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KB’s new single

‘Da Mus Cum Back’, first single for new album launch

After a nearly three-year absence, Bahamian entertainer Kirkland “KB” Bodie is back in the studio putting the finishing touches on his new album, which is expected to be released soon.

While fans wait for the latest music, Bodie said his single “Da Mus Cum Back,” from the album, has dropped and is blowing up on radio stations throughout the country.

He noted the message of “Da Mus Come Back” is for Grand Bahamians, in particular, after surviving Hurricane Dorian and now COVID-19.

“Right now, I am in the studio putting the finishing touches on material … all the artwork for the cover is done. So, it is just a matter of getting everything fine-tuned,” Bodie said.

“But we have released ‘Mus Come Back’ and that is getting the support from radio stations.”

This is Bodie’s first album since 2018, when he released the 12-track CD titled, “Jones Town, Eight Mile Rock”, a tribute to the settlement where he grew up.

When asked the title of the new album, Bodie responded, “No, no. That will remain a mystery until the release.”

Bodie, who is back home in Grand Bahama to complete the 10-track album, told Grand Bahama News that the new music was in the works before Hurricane Dorian in September 2019.

“Hurricane Dorian came, [and] then COVID right after and put the ‘calabash’ on everything,” the full-time entertainer said. “But that gave me a lot of time to work, a lot of alone time, a lot of time to ponder, write and be in solitude.”

The solitude allowed Bodie to be more creative and realize his growth in the craft he loves.

“I am doing a lot of different things on this album … going back to some old KB styles, mixing some old with the new,” Bodie said.

“That is what the ‘Da Mus Cum Back’ is doing, bringing back that old KB feel and sound, being funny, making sure you’re on the ground being a Bahamian while bringing that rake n’ scrape.

“As an artist, your goal should be growth, so when the old KB … with songs like ‘All the Meat’, ‘Jus Cause She Fat’ took it to another level, I still got criticism. But a lot of people still wanted that old KB, that back-then sound. So, I said let me bring it back.”

Bodie, who was born in New Providence, had no interest in music while growing up in Eight Mile Rock. It was not until he was well into his teens that his childhood friend, Sid Rolle, approached him about starting a band.

The two were joined by Dave Cooper and George Delancy and the four started the “Ego Tripp” band.

They all decided to quit their jobs and try the music business, performing at Family Island regattas, weddings, and just about anything that came up.

Their repertoire consisted of mostly rock, R&B, and little Bahamian music. The band went on to win a song contest early in their career and began recording with GBI Recording Studio under the watchful eye of Frank Penn.                                                                                             

The band called it quits in the late 80s, and Bodie went solo.

While it has been challenging over the years, Bodie said staying focused, being committed to the craft and not giving up brought him to the place he is today.

“Our music is identified with three kinds of sounds – rake ‘n’ scrape, Junkanoo and goombay. I wanted the sound for this album to be the traditional Cat Island rake ‘n’ scrape sound that tells the story of our culture. I represent this country. What I bring out and what other artists bring out represents who we are as a people.”

Bodie said he is excited to be back in the studio.

“I don’t ask anyone their opinion of my music,” he said.

“I write my music and here it is. I love what I do and if I had to do it all over again, I will do it the same. I’ll even fight the same because I believe I am fighting for our future generations, our heritage, for things I think are important.

“I think we are good people. We’ve been led astray by a lot of foreign influences, but I think at the core we are very good people and that’s what I fight for, that culture.”

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