Ken Strachan to sue govt

Assistant Commissioner of Police Ken Strachan intends to sue Commissioner of Police Anthony Ferguson and the government, his attorney Wayne Munroe said yesterday.

Strachan returned to duty last Monday after being ordered to use accrued vacation in March, and was presented with a letter signed by Ferguson appointing him as chief of security for the Willie Mae Pratt and Simpson Penn juvenile schools.

“We’re going to seek an arrangement that the main party, likely to be Anthony Ferguson in his capacity as commissioner of police – notwithstanding that he keeps telling the press that it’s not a matter for him to speak to, it’s a matter for the minister,” Munroe disclosed yesterday.

“The other respondent would be the attorney general.”

This follows a December 12 letter that Munroe wrote to Ferguson seeking clarification on the new appointment letter that Strachan had received.

The letter sought a response on an “urgent basis” to prevent legal action.

Instead, Munroe said, Strachan found himself deactivated from several police systems.

Munroe explained that Strachan had stepped out of office for a dentist appointment on December 12, which he had notified his staff of.

However, when he returned to work later that day to hand in a sick slip his staff told him that they had been instructed to deactivate his access card, email, his access to the police criminal profile system and radio, Munroe said.

“…It was supposed to just be an extraction but it turned out to be a cutting and so [the dentist] had to give him time off,” Munroe said.

“And when he went to drop the sick slip in, I guess he wasn’t expected back so he walked straight in to drop off the slip [and] he was advised that they had been instructed to deactivate his [access control] swipe card.”

He added that Strachan’s profile on the police’s server, an AS400, to query information, was deactivated.

“They have a note system for sending e-mails, his profile on that was deactivated,” Munroe said.

“He has, you know the police handheld radios like a walkie-talkie, that device was also deactivated from the police radio system.

“Now the thing about that is this – they have written a letter to say that his new appointment was ancillary to his post as assistant commissioner of police. So, if you’re an assistant commissioner of police, how is it that you don’t have access to the police AS400? Or the e-mail note system? Or the police radio set?

“If you are carrying out security as an assistant commissioner of police, for instance let’s say, you can’t log into the AS400 and see even the criminal records of the people in the two schools.

“You can’t send e-mails to, for instance, Security Intelligence Branch to say can you tell us whether or not any of these people have gang affiliations.”

Noting that as of yesterday Strachan’s access remained deactivated, Munroe said, “We take it to be a deliberate decision and we are now working on drawing up papers.”

He told The Nassau Guardian they are hoping to file the legal action by tomorrow.

Minister of National Security Marvin Dames has maintained the new appointment is not a demotion by any “stretch of the imagination”.

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