Kudos to govt for moving on shantytown issue

Dear Editor,

I am writing to commend the government on its recent action regarding the shantytowns on Abaco and New Providence.

The recent announcement by the Office of the Attorney General seeking permission to demolish the illegal expansion of these shantytowns is a clear demonstration of the government’s commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of all Bahamians.

It is unacceptable that some residents and occupiers have continued to construct and alter buildings without obtaining the necessary building permits.

This violates the Building Regulations Act and puts the public’s safety at risk.

The government’s efforts to enforce the law and ensure compliance with building regulations are necessary for maintaining proper planning laws and promoting orderly development in the country.

The government must continue to take proactive measures to address this issue and protect legal residents’ and citizens’ rights and well-being.

Additionally, the demolition of shantytowns also has the potential to improve the overall aesthetic and image of the country.

The presence of illegal and poorly constructed buildings not only threatens public safety but also detracts from the country’s natural beauty.

By taking action to remove these structures, the government is making a strong statement about its commitment to promoting a safe and attractive environment for all residents and visitors.

Finally, I want to emphasize the importance of collaboration and cooperation among stakeholders in addressing this issue.

The government, residents, and occupiers must work together to ensure that the necessary regulations and guidelines are followed.

This will not only help to prevent further illegal construction and expansion of shantytowns, but it will also encourage the development of safe and well-planned communities.

Alice Lowe


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